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(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

Do you love playing action games? Specially shooting and adventure game. Here is the perfect game for you to be proud of India. Play Indian Army Missile Truck game and enter a new world of firearms and missiles.

Indian Army Missile Truck game story

Russian army training troops & their military soldier engaging war on your home land. They have established their army camps in dessert forest. Army commando is invading their power on the front-line border Law Enforcement Vehicles. Front-line commando should be ready to counter enemy attack at any time. Enemy army invasion can happen at any time. As best 1 man Indian army commando you are given the task to break Russian army power. They gathered army soldiers along with tanks and ammunition and sudden attack your territory in shooting game Law Enforcement Vehicles.

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  • Real Indian military base camp surroundings.
  • Truck driving through uphill and off-roads.
  • Variety of Sniping gun, Ak47, Agni missile & nag missile
  • Unique helicopter shooting game.

Views on Indian Army Missile Truck Game

They started an endless war with the helicopter fighter jet bombing on cities. Your enemy also has Apache gunship helicopter. Armor vehicles and tank can also reach in camp when needed.
Take timely decision and immediate penetrate in enemy camps and kill every single soldier of your enemy before they play the game of blood and fire in territory of your country. You have to fight the long battle for the sovereignty and dignity of your country. It’s time to start the war with army soldier and make the land of enemy a great battlefield fight. Many soldiers are equipped with sniper gun. Sniper shooter can kill you as you caught in sight. Destroy all vehicles of Russian army soldier and shoot every single enemy army commando adventures. This combat will save Indian country from deadly nukes. You are a brave soldier missile truck driver of Indian Army. Drive real straddling Agni missile launcher truck simulator. Nag missile launcher truck is a new of army vehicle driving. Feel the thrill of real speed drive truck game on mountain hills. Protect your country hill stations.


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Indian Army Missile Truck

Indian Army Missile Truck


9.5 /10


8.0 /10


9.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • This is not only a sniper shooting game but a complete series of commando mission game.
  • RPG 7 (rocket propelled grenade) bazooka to destroy tanks.
  • Apache gunship helicopter. Armor vehicles and tanks


  • Animation is low quality

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