How to enable or disable two step verification for gmail

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

”Prevention is better than cure”Let’s prevent others from entering in your Gmail account by enabling two-step verification in Gmail.

This post will show you step by step on how to prevent others from entering into your Gmail account by enabling two-step verification in Gmail.

If you already have done it, don’t skip read the post, I will also show you how to disable it when you wish to do so.

It is really frustrating when one day discovered that someone broke into your Gmail account. Each year many Gmail accounts get hacked by bad hackers and they sold your information to big companies. So, I have written this post to hep you step by step on enabling two-step verification. If you don’t believe me read following two articles.

  1. 4.93 million Gmail accounts hacked
  2. Tens of millions of hacked Gmail and Yahoo accounts are being sold on the dark web.

First, you need to know that google has made it easy for every Gmail user to control their Gmail accounts.

When you sign up for a Gmail account all your information are stored in—

This is the link through which you can change the password, see login activity, can enable 2 step verification and lot more…

Logging into Gmail account go to

Navigate to activate 2 step verification process.

Step 1:

secure gmail with 2 step verification


Step 2:

2 step verification for gmail account


Step 3:

two step verification for gmail

Add an extra layer of security:
Enter your password and a unique verification code that’s sent to your phone.
Keep the bad guys out:
Even if someone else gets your password, it won’t be enough to sign in to your account.

How to add Google Prompt?

Prompt is the easiest way to secure your Gmail account without typing any OTP codes.

  1. Go to and navigate through 2 step verification page to ADD GOOGLE PROMPTHow to add google prompt
  2.        When you will log into your Gmail account you will see the below screen instead of Password filling prompt 2 step verification
  3.  Now look on Your mobile screen, You will find this prompt—-google gmail prompt for security

All is done, Now just by clicking on Yes, you will be able to log into your Gmail account. No more remembering long passwords and again typing it. Most importantly no more stress.

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