How to add facebook page widget to blogger sidebar

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2017)

Adding a Facebook page widget on a website is very easy. All you need is a facebook developer account which can be signed up through your personal Facebook account. This post will show you how easily you can add Facebook page widget to blogger sidebar.

Assuming that you have signed up for a Facebook developer account. If you haven’t do it through this link.

After you log in to the Facebook developer account. You need to go to Facebook plugin page to add a Facebook page to a website.


facebook page plugin blogger
fill  in the details and customize the Facebook page widget

You need to fill the following information for the page widget.

  • URL to your Facebook page
  • Tags: which section of the Facebook page you want to show in the widget whether timeline, messages or posts
  • Width and height of the Facebook page widget

Now Adding Facebook Page Like widget to blogger

Log in to blogger and select your blog where you want to insert the Facebook page widget.


Let’s do it with quick Three steps—–

step1: Clicking on layout of the blogger theme

step2: adding a gadget to blogger theme

step3: Copy pasting the iframe code to the gadget and click save.

Note: There will be one javascript code and another iframe code. choose the iframe code which is easy to insert into blogger.

Congo, You have just learned how to create facebook like page to blogger sidebar!


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