How to get free stuff for YouTube review videos?

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

Now get free stuff from e-commerce giant Alibaba through Alibaba KOL platform. Alibaba has recently tied up with brands to provide free products to YouTube influencers.

Note: You need at least 5000 subscribers to be eligible to participate.

Alibaba influence marketing:

Three  steps to get free stuff for video review for a youtube channel

Click on the following button and click on I AM A CREATOR

Apply Now for Alibaba Kol Programme

You will see an option to connect to your youtube account.

how to get free stuffs for youtube review videos


  • Select the brands you want to partner with
  •  Submit a sponsorship application
  •  Apply for up to 3 products at a time


  • Sponsors package and ship products to you
  •  Logistics status can be tracked within


  • You have to publish the video within 21 days of receiving the product
  •  Your Reviews should demonstrate product features, packaging and highlights

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Final Thoughts on Alibaba KOL Platform

It is really a good step from Alibaba group. It will help both small manufacturers and small YouTubers to grow. Both will be benefited from this platform. The only disappointment is that one needs at least 5000 followers to apply for this programme. If you have 5000 followers whether in IG or YouTube, just go and join the programme!


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