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make online money

    Making money online is easy if know the online market. To start with you should understand the web deeply where from money flows and how to grab it. I have been working online for years and i got a little knowledge of earning some money online and want to share with you. Today i want to share few ideas which will give immense opportunities , only you can who achieve it if you apply your all effort.If you are a school or college student you you need pocket money and also some extra cash to buy other goods.We spent lot of time in Facebook and YouTube. But ,have you wondered why some people upload videos like reviews, interviews,shows.

One day I was just watching a Hindi movie song in YouTube and I saw popping of some videos from Jenna Marbal. I didn’t know who is she and I was just checking her YouTube channel. I got shock seeing number of views for her each video. Millions of views and means a hung money. Let’s just calculate she gets 0.01 $ for each view and after multiplying with with one million this is what she get =1000 $ for each video. In real she is paid CPV ,we are taking the lowest.
Here are 5 simple ways to make money-

Making a YouTube channel

this is techsearchonline youtube channel
this is techsearchonline youtube channel

Creating YouTube channel is quite easy and it is cheaper than creating a blog. While creating a blog you have to care about many things tech,seo,web hosing,domain. But YouTube is free and you need not to be a technically expert .

creating a blog

creating a blog is easy and first way to earn some cash. Before going for blogging you should hone your some skills like writing, content development,knowledge about the subject. At first you can start with small earning to earning a hooping sum of 10,000$ per month.

selling online books (pdf,doc)

selling online books you can also create money. Though it doesn’t look effective as price for one pdf book will be 2 to 5 $. Think about selling 5,000 copies will multiply to 25,000$ in income.

writing paid articles

you can write articles for other website as freelancer. This way too you can earn money ranging from 200 TO 500 INR for each article. There  are many websites which provide content writing jobs.

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