Open source screen recorder | OBS (open broadcasting software)

Open source screen recorder

Open source screen recorder


OBS is such a software which is easy to use and  with which you can do many things from controling frame rates to video resolution. Most importantly it is free. I will will show you step by step how to install and configure the settings.

Things you can do with Open source screen recorder | OBS:


  1. Record your pc screen
  2. Add video capturing devices like your pc webcam, external camera.
  3. Record your gameply
  4. Stream yourself in youtube, twitch, facebook

Now, let’s get the installation process

download link:

It runs in windows,mac and linux Operating system.

Open source screen recorder | OBS
Open source screen recorder | OBS


This is the OBS Dashboard/control panel

How to start screen recording?


1.Right Click on source section on Add

3. A list with different functions will appear. If you want to screen record click DISPLAY CAPTURE , to record game GAME CAPTURE , to open your webcam VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE




Open source screen recorder | OBS
Open source screen recorder | OBS



How to optimize your videos?


Click on settings on right down corner side

You can choose the frame rates, resolution of videos .

choose the Audio output quality for better videos

Hotkeys for shortcuts

why Open source screen recorder | OBS is better?


Open source screen recorder | OBS is better than other softwares

  1. It is very easy for a newbie
  2. It is the one complete free
  3. other software may say free, but they will limit the output video quality with free version.
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