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freedom influencer

Everything You Need to Know about Nathan Lucas (aka Freedom Influencer)

This guy is an online guru, influencer, financial helper, kickass marketer. If you have been watching Youtube videos online money making tips, you probably have bumped into his channel called freedom influencer. I

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AFCI Vs GFCI in Details

An Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) also known as an arc-fault detection device (AFDD) is a circuit breaker that breaks the circuit when it detects an electric arc in the circuit. Whereas Ground Fault

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mr. beast

All You Need to Know about YouTuber MrBeast

A YouTuber whose videos get millions of videos just after uploading. He is the beast of YouTube video thumbnail maker. He publicly said that he spends 3x times on video thumbnails that the video itself! Though

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Baby Tracker App

Best Baby Tracker Apps for Moms

A Baby cannot speak out his problems, so the mom has to look after everything for the baby from feeding to bathing to medicines. A happy baby looks adorable, while a crying baby creates tension on a mother’s

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