5 Beginner Friendly Online Business Models

A beginner-friendly online business model must be easy to get started and apply the basic concepts that make it profitable. So, the business models that you will find in this list are quite simple. However, they still take work. There is no way to make money without taking action and putting some effort.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers do not have to own a product or do any customer service. Their job is to promote other people’s products and earn commissions when they make a sale. You don’t need any experience, technical knowledge, or a big budget to get started.

The process is quite simple. You register to an affiliate program, get your links, and send traffic to these links. Your success depends on the quality of your traffic. For example, if you promote a product to people who don’t really care about it, you don’t have many chances to make a sale. On the other hand, you may get great results when you promote the right product to the right audience.

You don’t even need a website, even if it is suggested by many affiliate marketers. The fact is that you can promote your links on any platform on the internet.

2. Build AdSense Websites

Google AdSense is the advertising network of Google. You must apply on it, and if you get approved, you can put ads on your site and earn money when people click on them. Again, you don’t need a product, but you must create content for your visitors.

It would be best if you had a combination of quality and quantity in your content to get results. Most AdSense websites get traffic from search engines, and this is what you need to do. You must choose a niche and create articles on relevant topics. The more content you create, the better results you will get.

It is a beginner-friendly business model because your only task is writing. You don’t have to be a great writer to get results but just focus on helping people through your content and providing information. The best part is that writing is a task that you can easily outsource to scale your business.

3. Freelancing

If you want to become a freelancer, you can learn the basics of a task that other online businesses need. It can be writing, web design, video creation, SEO, etc. There are freelancers who don’t know much of anything and work as virtual assistants. They actually complete super simple tasks.

You can start as a freelancer or start your own agency. Both of them can work well and be profitable. Of course, an agency is more scalable. As a beginner, you need to start with the lowest rates and be willing to work without much profit in the beginning. However, you can increase your rates as you get more clients and do a good job.

There are freelancing platforms that you can get some gigs and apply for jobs. Also, you can build a website and start promoting your services as a regular product.

4. Drop Shipping

It is more complicated than the other business models above because you need to search for products. You don’t have to create them, but you need to find them on online stores, and the original seller must agree to ship them for you. There is no reason to get the products in your hands and store them.

The first step is to create an online store or sell on online marketplaces. In both cases, you must promote your products and find the best deals for your customers. It is a scalable model because you can list more products and do more promotion. In the negatives, the profit on each product is the difference between the buying price and the selling price that is low in most cases. Lastly, the quality of the products, the shipping time, and the customer service of the provider are not in your control and may harm your business.

5. Amazon FBA

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace with millions of buyers. Also, there are a lot of sellers that make full-time or part-time income. Building a reputation on Amazon can be a long-term investment.

Amazon FBA is a service by Amazon that helps the seller. You can send your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers, and they will do the rest. They will unpack, store, and ship your products to their final destination. Your job is to find products on online or offline marketplaces, buy them at low prices, send them to the nearest center, and sell them at higher prices.

It takes a budget to get started because you actively buy these products, and there is no guarantee of success. However, you can start with a few products and keep building your business once you start making sales.

6. Sell Digital Products

If you are good at something that you can teach, you can consider creating a digital product. It can be in any format you want as an ebook, audio, or video. There are many marketplaces for digital products that you can sell your guides. Most of them allow affiliates to promote them. This process can create a source of passive income for the owner.

Many online marketers create and sell digital products regularly. Then, they include upsells or extra products with additional information and helpful tools. Of course, you need products with good quality, or people will complain and request for refunds that is a common problem in this business model.


These options are good for most people. You don’t need any technical knowledge or skills. You can start from zero today and keep building. It takes work, but it can be a very fun process.

The best part of online marketing is that you can learn through the process. You don’t have to figure out anything in the beginning, and it’s unlikely to have already enough information. For this reason, you can check this article on how to start an online business for dummies.

If you have any questions or want to recommend other business models, feel free to leave your comments below.

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