Here is what you will find on TechSearchOnline:

  • Practical tips on blogging; mostly about WordPress.
  • Basic & advanced money making techniques. This is all pretty cool stuff but not that easy.
  • Posts on mobiles, gadgets, software, games.
  • Online marketing tips for entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses.
  • Complete “How-To” of inbound marketing to increase traffic, sales & brand value.
  • Exclusive deals & discounts for your blogs. (How does getting discounts on some cool new tools sound?)
  • Free video guides & tutorials to simplify complex blogging jargon.
  • Technology news from around the world.
  • iOS App & Android App to learn blogging on the go.


How Techsearchonline.COM started?

Techsearchonline started in 2015 while I was very new to the internet. I didn’t know any website other than Google and Facebook. But after reading a lot of blogging posts I decided to create a blog for me. I was searching for a good domain name but all were taken related to technology. At last, I found a domain which was old and out for sale. While searching archive.org I came to know that techsearchonline.com was used in 2001 as a search portal for technology. I liked the domain though it was long and started building it, this is how it started.


Minds Behind Techsearchonline.com

There are many people who directly or indirectly connected to TechSearchOnline. You the readers are the most valuable creators of the site. Without your support, TSO wouldn’t have grown to this.

Don’t complain what life gives to you. Turn your obstacles into success.


Who am I?

Hi, I am Ankurman Handique from Guwahati, India. I have been blogging for two years and gained some knowledge which I want to share with you.

I like to write about blogging, new technology, web hosting, WordPress, traveling. Blogging is not my regular job but, I love doing it.It gives me freedom to connect with the world. I am a regular reader of tech blogs that inspires me to write something. Parallel to blogging, I am a regular traveler who loves to travel different places. I have created this blog to help new bloggers to take off their blogging career. If you have any suggestion please drop me an email at

handiqueankurman@gmail.com or
• admin@techsearchonline.com

Blogging is fun and you can make a living out of it if you take it seriously. All you need is patience and consistency. If you haven’t blogged, start now. Blogging not only pays you some extra cash, it also makes your ideas global. Many people try it, but after few days leaving it as they do not have patience. Blogging is not easy for people who can not maintain consistency. The first step is to just start from today and as your traffic grows, think of monetization. If you don’t have any idea on how to start a blog, follow my posts and YouTube videos. You will be able to make an idea on blogging. Being good in English is important but it doesn’t necessarily mean to be so much expert in English. There are a lot of tools like Grammarly plugin which makes everything easy.

Besides Blogging and my academic works, I love to travel new places. Though I haven’t been to too far places. Right now I am trying to explore local places with a backpack.

I am planning to travel the world after I finish my degree course.

techsearchonline friends
My friends are awesome they never miss a moment of fun
this is elephant fall in Meghalaya not elephanta fall
Last year I went to elephant fall in Meghalaya

 If you found TSO helpful or if you have any feedback don’t forget to email me at handiqueankurman@gmail.com.

Success in blogging is all about consistency, never think of making money from a blog within months. It may take years, but eventually one day you will get what you deserve.

If you are a new blogger ‘BEST OF LUCK’ for your new journey.