AdSense vs Affiliate marketing

Which one is better Adsense or affiliate marketing?

Both are advertisement platform to earn money. But here the question arises which is best? which one gives you more money?  To answer these it is very difficult, but pondering on the following points the answer will be unfolded.


Adsense is the google advertising platform which lets you place ads on your blog. Most of the bloggers start their journey with AdSense as it is trusted and reliable. Adsense pays for every click on ads placed on your blog. Let’s say you get 0.01$ for each click. Then for 1000 clicks, you get 1$. so, you have to get a good amount of traffic to earn enough. By getting 500 pageviews per month is not enough to get the decent amount of money. That 500 page views don’t mean that 500 clicks, it will be very less in real. You can see Adsense ads on my blog I have placed in many places but the chances of getting clicked are very less by a reader. On the other hand–

Affiliate marketing is which lets you place ads and you get paid when someone buys the product following your link. You get a commission for every sale you made. Let’s say you have 500 page views per month and you sold 2 products of each 10$. At the end of the month, your earning will be 1$ to 3$ based on your commission.  Commission junction, Clickbank are some affiliate marketing websites that are very popular.

Now, you got a conclusion that AdSense is pretty good to start with for newbies and later on to move to affiliate marketing.

Here is one information for you Harsh Agarwal from shoutmeloud posts his monthly earnings in his blog where he mentions earning from the affiliate marketing from his blog is more than $20,000. Now, I think you can draw some idea of the importance of affiliate marketing.
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Adsense over affiliate marketing:

In affiliate marketing, you get a commission for each sale or signup. Not like CPC ads in Adsense where you get paid for each valid click. That’s an important factor as most visitors go away not buying or signing up.

Adsense is easy to maintain than an affiliate program.

In affiliate marketing, most of the cases you need to target your audiences to a product. You need to write interesting posts on that topic. Whereas in AdSense it doesn’t matter what your blog content is, some ads will appear on your website. so, you don’t have to be specific waiting for days and weeks writing one interesting post.

Which types of websites are best for Adsense?

In my view Adsense is best for the websites like news, entertainment, jobs where millions of visitors visit each month. Why I think because you can’t wait days writing one post in those categories. Everyone is hungry for such content and you can’t be late as content life is short.

Affiliate marketing over Adsense:

”Money matters”

Think about you sold a product of $500 and got a commission of $25  with 5{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} commission conversion. That’s just an example, some affiliate commission is so high that one sale could fetch $65 as in Bluehost affiliate. Master Bluehost affiliate like Pet Flynn makes more than  $40,000 per month only from Bluehost affiliate program.

And to earn the same amount of $25 from Adsense, your website needs a traffic of  25,000 visitors considering each visitor clicking on at least one of the ads with 0.10 CPC.

No doubt there are high CPC ads. But, those high CPC ads may not show on your website after playing hard with high CPC keywords.

Which types of websites best for affiliate marketing?

Websites like a blog or in a particular niche are best suited for the affiliate program. As you do not have to update too frequently and large site traffic.

Summarizing it:

All depends on you, experiment with both and see the results which fetch you more $$$. After all ”money matters”.




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