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How to approve new blog with AdSence? | AdSense approval trick 2017

     Today I will share with you how you can approve your 10 days old blog with Adsense.  It’s not very tough if you know right methods to approach Adsense. So, I will tell you what are the things you have to consider before applying for Adsense. Keep in mind that it takes 2 to 3 days for AdSense approval. If you are lucky enough your blog may get approved earlier. The man from Adsense team whoever checks your blog first looks your blog whether it is fit for placing ads or not.


To make it ready to apply do the followings-

1.Buy a custom domain from GoDaddy or Namecheap. It costs less than 5$ for one year. Custom domain is the blog address or URLwhich looks like this ( not Blogspot or WordPress hosted blog)

2.Create an official email like (not . Why custom or business is the important because-The man who checks your blog, things you are serious about your business. There are free mail providers are there but you can try zoho mail.

3.Post at least 15 to 16 posts with at least 300 words. The best way you can do it quickly is to copy and paste (though not recommended for long term)

4. Integrate your blog with google analytics so that it connects with google.

5.The last thing that you have to do is gain some few traffics to your blog. Here the traffic with few page views/day is enough. To do this you can promote your blog on facebook, post comments to top popular sites like and many ways you can bring some minimum traffic.  You can do the same thing with other social networking sites just to promote your site.

Here Ankurman Handique is my name and as soon as somebody clicks it, a new window opens with my blog address.

Here Ankurman Handique is my name and as soon as somebody clicks it, a new window opens with my blog address.

After completing these 5 steps if your blog does not get approved feel free to contact me. These tips are only for Adsense approval, it does not mean that it will bring lots of dollars to your AdSense account. Traffic comes only when you have great content to attract readers. Create awesome contents and bring more traffic to earn more.

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