Here is list for Amazon Influencer Program Qualifications to Get Accepted

    Amazon Influencer Program was first released for only a few selected big social media accounts. But later when the e-commerce giant saw the impact of influencers on their followers, they make it open for influencers with a small following. The aim of the Amazon Influencer Program is also to help creators, artists, publishers to earn a referral commission from Amazon.

Amazon has already paid hundreds of millions of dollars to its partners like influencers and bloggers (anyone who makes content whether in text or video format). To be eligible for Amazon Influencer Program is not that easy as it requires a minimum number of followers. If you are a blogger and you do not have enough followers on social media don’t worry, There is Amazon affiliate Program for bloggers which I am using on

There may be a question in your mind “What are the Qualifications needed to become an Amazon Influencer Program partner?”

The answer to it varies with different social media accounts. Let me go briefly with each social media platforms that Amazon presently accepts applications and these are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Amazon Influencer Program Qualifications for different blogging platforms

  1. Youtube is the best as an influencer marketing platform. It has high conversion rates. But the hard part is that YouTube is not easy to maintain as other influencer marketing platforms. To create a video you need many pieces of equipment from a camera to light. Again there is a time requirement on editing and scripting videos. Only a few influencers survive on YouTube which means less competition and more chances of loyal genuine influencers. Amazon Influencer Program accepts your application as soon as you qualify the minimum number of subscribers.
  2. Twitter is a popular social media platform. Twitter seems to has more authority than many other social media platforms. Twitter influencers have quick acceptance on Amazon Influencer Program, they accept as soon as they confirm the twitter account.
  3. Instagram and Facebook have more fake followers than any other social media platforms. Amazon also knows the fact many of influencers on Instagram buy fake followers. That’s why it takes somewhat longer if you are applying through Instagram or Facebook.
  4. Facebook same as Instagram takes longer if you apply for Amazon Influencer Program.
  5. If you have multiple accounts on different platforms, it is suggestable to apply from the most followed account.
  6. Keeps your all multiple profiles similar to create trust. Profile picture, covers keep it the same. The name should be the same on all of them.


How many days does it take to get approved in Amazon Influencer Program?

Youtube: Immediately just after confirmation of the number of subs.

Twitter: Immediately confirming the follower numbers.

Instagram: Nearly one week.

Facebook: Nearly one week.


How Amazon Influencer Program is different from the Amazon Associates?

Amazon Influencer Program has some benefits over Amazon Associates. You get a verified page from official Amazon site ( which is cool.

In Amazon Influencer program you can recommend your fans goods and accessories that you personally use. You can list items in groups like “my travel gears”, “my vlogging gears” etc.

Recently, Amazon Influencer program has included a new feature which enables Influencers to upload images of goods that they use this way an influencer can build more trust with followers.


Bottom Lines

It is not that tough to get approved in Amazon Influencer Program. Keep your accounts genuine and similar and you will have sure success. Keep in mind that different country has different Amazon Influencer Programs. Here is the link to the US Amazon Influencer Program.

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