An in-depth review on NordVPN and it’s features

NordVPN is one of the most important Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides excellent service to its customer. This robust VPN provides a solution for both private as well as business of all sizes. It comes up with encrypted connections that help in providing protection from any unauthorized access and gives the user the required privacy. For providing optimum security NordVPN hides the original Internet Protocol (IP) and allows its user to browse the Internet with some anonymous IP. This is how it can help its user to add an extra layer of protection. Though this VPN provides optimum privacy to its users it never compromises with the speed. 

The Government of almost every country and the Internet providers tried to stop people to download music, video games, and films through torrent but still, no countries could have successfully have stopped downloading torrent. In fact, downloading via torrent has now become incredibly popular and nowadays people have now started to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to download the torrent. However, all VPN do not support torrent downloading but NordVPN supports it totally. That is the reason why according to NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers in Canada. Before you purchase the NordVPN you can analyze every feature which this VPN can provide to the users and check the reviews of the users to get a better understanding of it. Hence in this article we have come up with both the features and benefits of NordVPN so that you can easily understand whether it will solve the purpose of your purchasing.

Features of NordVPN

The following are some essential features of NordVPN:

  • NordVPN can be operated on all operating system that includes Windows, MAC, iOS as well as Android
  • NordVPN comes up with military-guard encryption and thus has a secured VPN account
  • NordVPN has double VPN and has no logs policy
  • NordVPN has the capacity to encrypt Wi-Fi and provide P2P support
  • NordVPN also offers five simultaneous connections
  • NordVPN is excellent in malware and tracker blocking 
  • NordVPN provides DNS leak protection
  • NordVPN offers instant setup facilities and is certainly a high-speed VPN
  • NordVPN has SOCKS5 Proxy and provides P2P sharing
  • NordVPN does not have any form of traffic logging

Benefits of NordVPN

The following are some essential benefits that NordVPN can provide:

  • Multi-platform protection: NordVPN allows its user to connect to 6 accounts and provides an extra level of security and privacy. It always makes sure that their online security or privacy is not compromised. Apart from that, it supports various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Apple and Android.
  • Mobile Safety: NordVPN provides full protection to Android and iOS mobiles. It supports various VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, SOCKS5, IPSEC/L2TP, etc. It also works with Tomato Open VPN, PfSense Open VPN, DD-WRT-PPTP/Open VPN. NordVPN has VPN tunneling and can operate at TCP/IP level. While implementing NordVPN you can make sure that no application can access the Internet outside the protected NordVPN tunnel. Thus you can easily ensure that your personal information will never be compromised.
  • Secured online experience: NordVPN provides complete anonymity on the Web. NordVPN comes up with a strict no-lagging policy and that is the reason why the Internet activity of the person can never be tracked or recorded online. NordVPN cannot provide any kind of information regarding Internet usage behavior to the user.
  • Confidential information: NordVPN provides optimum protection to both the executives as well as employees of the company. This VPN allows everyone to securely receive and relay data over the Internet. Thus with the help of this type of VPN service, it becomes possible to give full protection to both customers as well as the company.


Thus, NordVPN is an excellent virtual private network that provides a high level of performance and security. NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs that can provide you all-round service at a reasonable rate.  Moreover, NordVPN allows its users to do online transactions without any kind of issues. Since it comes up with software’s military-grade encryption and has a double layer of protection this VPN is completely secured for everyone and for all the time.

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