AN97 Android Camera App Review

Welcome to my AN97 Android Camera App review. AN97 is an android app which helps to connect a USB camera to mobile phone. A USB camera can be used for many purposes. It will help you to look hard to reach places where a normal camera can not be used. USB camera is consist of a USB cord and a tiny camera attached at the end with a laser or LED light. They are popularly known as Endoscope or Boroscope.

Popular Examples of USB Endoscope Android App


CameraFi is a popular Android camera app which is used to control the external camera with a USB. CameraFi has some great features like HD video support, capture Still images, switch between multi-camera camera, capture and record using volume keys.

Android Endoscope

Similar to CameraFi, Android Endoscope app can be used to control an external camera using a USB cable. But, Android Endoscope has added advantage as it supports Gadgets Camera, USB camera, IP camera. This app is developed by Chinese electronic good manufacturer Real Visor. The best about Android Endoscope is that this app allows us to store our videos directly on google drive or YouTube.

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How to use AN97 Android Camera App?

Connecting an external camera using an97 android camera app is very easy. You need a USB camera and the an97 app installed on your android mobile phone. You will need a good power bank capacity for your mobile phone.

Open the an97 Android camera app while USB is connected. Set the video resolution to the minimum. Do not set the camera resolution to maximum, the app will crash. Use the USB that is provided with the external camera or you can use your mobile device adapter.

Recording video funtion is not present so you may need to install an external screen recorder app which will record the visuals.

If your endoscope/Borescope/USB camera fails to connect to an android app, you may try with your windows laptop which worked for us.

AN97 Android Camera App Features

This light app is just about 14 MB in size. The app is not smooth and crashes many times. But it does its jobs when you lower the resolution of the videos. The app does not properly with all mobile phones. The AN97 android camera app is simple to use which is the positive side of the app.

SUPPORTED ANDROID MOBILE PHONES: Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6; Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 4, 5; HTC M8, M9, M9+; LG G4.

May support other android phones, we have not tested with other mobile phones.

My views on AN97 Android Camera App

The is not the best app to use for a USB camera. But it is simple and works fine with low resolution videos. The app does get crash many times if you increase the resolution. You need to check the Android version of mobile as it doesn’t work with the old android versions.

Download AN97 Android Camera App

Download from Playstore

the an97 android camera is not available at present. But a successor app an98 android camera app is released b the Chinese developer.

A USB camera with a small head can be used as otoscope to look inside the ear. Though small headed USB camera may come with a LED light, we should not use it as an endoscope to look inside the alimentary canal. It may hart your vital organs without doctor supervision. USB camera can also be used as a security camera using an97 android camera app.

AN97 Android Camera App






Video Resolution



  • Simple
  • No Ads


  • Low resolution videos
  • Get crashes many times

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