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Best Android monitoring app, parental control android, parental control apps
(Last Updated On: December 29, 2017)

The digital generation seems to be more dedicated to social media than anything else in their lives. This keeps them connected to the online world for more than eight hours a day. The social media presence is substantial in this digital age as it connects people across the world; boosts confidence and releases study pressure. However, it also carries numerous vulnerabilities. Android monitoring app comes in handy in such cases.

While the social networking websites attract the majority of teens and tweens, they also welcome the cyber-bullies, child predators and the scoundrels around the world.

Majority of the social media users have become the target of cyber-bullying while many tweens are being victimized by the child molesters. There are innumerable persons who are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety and many other mental and psychological issues caused by social media. Many have suffered injuries and many have lost their lives. Resultantly, it is become crucial to keep tabs on the online lives of teens and tweens to protect them from the threats in the digital world.

As luck would have it, there are numerous monitoring apps that enable parents to monitor the digital behavior of their offspring by tracking their mobile phones.

While there are numerous cell phone tracking apps, it can be problematic to pick a reliable app that provides complete monitoring solution and parental control.

Best Android monitoring app, parental control android, parental control apps

Best Android monitoring app

There are a few notable cell phone spy apps that allow spying on social media and instant messaging apps – TheOneSpy spying on cell phone is one of those. It is an Android phone monitoring app that allows parents to track the activities of their children performed on their mobile phones. It also allows spying on the social media and other online accounts of their children without getting access to their phones.

Once the app is installed on the target Android phone, it accesses the device data and creates a backup of the data on an online account which can only be accessed by the parents and end-user of the spy software.

It also tracks the most popular social media apps and allows parents to track the social media conversations, posts, friends and other activities of their children. Given are the social networking apps that can be monitored with the Android spy application.

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Facebook is the most popular social networking app at the moment. The popularity of the media app has attracted many bullies and predators to the platform. The cell phone spy app lets you sneak into the Facebook account of the target without getting the username and password. You can see the individual and group Facebook messages containing texts, photos, videos, audios, stickers and emoticons. Meanwhile, you can see the Timeline posts of your target and track the friend’s list with Android monitoring app.


The photo-sharing app is considered to be the second most popular media app in certain territories. The popularity of Instagram among teens and tweens is not out of sight but the stuff present on the platform is mostly adult-oriented. The Android monitoring app lets you monitor the Instagram account of your kid and shows you the photos and videos posted and shared by your kids. It also lets you know who is following your kid and to whom your kid is following.


The self-deleted messages of Snapchat induce teens to exchange inappropriate messages through the app. The spy app lets you monitor the Snapchat messages of your kids without letting them know. As you kid starts using Snapchat, the tracking app starts capturing screenshots with an interval of 3 seconds. This gets recorded almost each and every activity performed on the photo-sharing app.


Line is among the most prevalent instant messengers allowing teens to exchange messages, share photos and videos and many other fun activities. The cell phone spy app lets you read the messages exchanged through the messengers and see the photos, videos and media files shared through the app.


Tinder is a dating app which has turned out to be the one-night-stand app where the predators victimize adolescents for sexual purposes. Parents can monitor the Tinder accounts of their teens to protect them from the catfishers and scoundrels. The spy app allows parents to read the Tinder messages of their children and also shows the dating preferences and friends list.


Kik is the most unsafe instant messenger which is absolutely not intended for teens. If your kids are using the social media app, the Android spy software lets you keep tabs on their conversations. It lets you ensure your kids are not in contact with any scoundrel.

The Bottom Line

The cell phone monitoring application provides great support to parents in tracking the social media accounts of their children with an aim to safeguard them from the threats in the online world. When they would be acquainted with the happenings of their children, they would be in better condition to provide support to their children when needed.

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