How to apply for AdSence ?

If you are a blogger, there are 99.9{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} chances that you have heard about Adsense. If you do not know for your information in simple words ” it’s a money earning platform ”. Adsense pays you for each click on the ads placed on your blog. The next question lies ” how to earn money from Adsense? ”. Before you start earning from Adsense, you should have a traffic to your blog which means your blog should be good enough to attract readers.

you can earn money by placing advertisements on your blog. If you ask me ”how much money?”  the answer is depending on the site traffic. What is site traffic? -the number of visitors visiting your site.Many say it is very difficult to get approved from Adsense. But believe me, if you follow all the steps it is very easy.

Adsense pays you on the basis of a number of clicks on ads. If you have a blog having a good number of visitors it is time for you to apply for Adsense.

It is always better to make your blog ready before applying for Adsense. If you have a new blog whose age is less than a week, even then you can apply for Adsense.


  1. Always create a custom email before applying for Adsense like,    not
  2. Write at least 20 posts with rich in texts.

step 1: log into

If you have applied earlier and rejected. Better you apply afresh with new email address. Below is my first attempt without having a custom domain and email I applied and got rejected. That was very frustrating but when I researched more and came to know about some techniques to easily get approved.

adsence rejection
you can see the email and domain address marked

step 2: placing the ad code in right place

widgets in wordpress dashboard for adsence code
widgets in WordPress dashboard

After you sign up for Adsense, it is time to place the ad code on your blog. Choose the place where you want to place (sidebars, header, footer). The easiest way is put in sidebars using your blogspot widgets or WordPress widgets. Just create a text HTML widget and place the code (keep in mind do not choose the long 720*90 ads). After your approval, you can place them between your content.

step 3: don’t try to click your ads by yourself

blank ads on right side
blank Adsense ads on the right side

It will take 1 or 3 days ( it took 3 days for me ). Before, that there will be a blank space instead of any ads. After the approval of your blog, real ads will start displaying. Don’t ever try to click those ads by yourself. Instead create some back links like guest posting on other sites, commenting, social site posting. When your blog gets fully approved it will show ads like below and sidebars in this post.

Does Adsense pay for CPM?

Yes, but you can not activate it on your own. As long as Adsense places CPM ads on your website, you have to rely on CPC ads.

How much one can earn from Adsense:

Earning is unlimited from Adsense but you should have big traffic. WikiHow’s 95{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} revenue comes from Adsense earning and blog like earns $2000 to $3000 per month through Adsense.

How do I add ads to my other blog?

You can add ads to your other blogs from single Adsense account. No need to apply for different Adsense account for each blog. The only thing you have to do is insert the ad code.

The most important thing about  Adsense is totally free. Your blog, website should be with minimum posts with good length.


By summing up I just want to inform you that never settle for only one ad network. There are many ad networks which you should give it a try.

Happy earning!

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