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How can help you for free SEO analylis?

   Do you know about Yoast SEO WordPress plugin?. If you are a WordPress user and not using Yoast SEO plugin, you are missing a lot. But, this post is not about Yoast SEO plugin, instead this post is about an SEO analysis platform which is linked with the updated version of Yoast SEO plugin. At… Read More »

How google can help you to track your lost phone?

Do you know that you can track your lost phone using google android device manager?   It is very painful when you lose your phone. But , it becomes more painful when you can’t locate your phone.Questions generally like  who is using my phone? whether someone has opened my personal accounts? Whether someone has accessed… Read More »

How facebook is popular in your country ?

We know how social networking  sites are grasping the daily life. Facebook is one among having most number of users than any other social networking site. Why there is craze in facebook ? Is it because of easy to  communicate with friends and more open than any other .The way social networking sites are growing… Read More »

How to submit URL to google ?

Submit URLs to google in three steps: Submitting of URLs to google is very easy. It helps google to list your website. Google has provided many tools for webmasters to make their website visible. To start with a submission of URLs, list them on a paper with a list. step 1: prepare your list from… Read More »

How to apply for AdSence ?

If you are a blogger, there are 99.9% chances that you have heard about Adsense. If you do not know for your information in simple words ” it’s a money earning platform ”. Adsense pays you for each click on the ads placed on your blog. The next question lies ” how to earn money… Read More »

Corning gorilla glass 5 is announced

Corning says that over 85% of smartphone owners have dropped their phones at least once per year with 55% of owners saying they’ve dropped their phones at least 3 times or more per year . As well,more than 60% of smartphone owners said they drop their phones between shoulder and waist height. This drove corning… Read More »

Story of two uneducated innovators

   Education is really important in our life as it plays a great role in getting a job  or a recognition or a social status. But today i want to share  stories of two guys from India who are not educated but certainly they are genius. Each year lakhs of student passes out from top… Read More »

How drones can help you?

Well if you haven’t seen a science fiction it may be heard to understand them. But if you relate them to nature , they are flying dragon flies who are big in size and do different tasks. Drones have been using for delivery of parcels, for filming and most recent popular use is use of… Read More »

How to download Pokemon go in India?

Though Pokemon go is released in US, Australia, Newzealand and other countries, till now it is not released in India.  Pokemon go is an addictive game making you hard to leave. The excitement of Pokemon go lies in its virtual reality world of searching  Pokemon in the real world and collect them. Already this much… Read More »