9 Important Benefits Of Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost is a blogging platform that any blogger can consider as an alternative to WordPress. It is a CMS platform that focuses on its simplicity. It was created in 2012, and there are many bloggers that already use it. In this article, you will read nine benefits of the Ghost blogging platform.

1. Simple and Clean Design

The design is one of the most interesting features of Ghost. It’s very simple, clean, and appealing to the eye. WordPress design depends highly on the theme or plugins. Many times we see ugly WordPress sites. When a beginner creates a website is logical to make some mistakes. Ghost allows avoiding these mistakes for the people that host their sites on it. The distractions for the readers and the bloggers are very limited. Everyone can focus on the content that is the most important thing in blogging.

2. Easy To Create Content

It is not about your ability to create content but for technical parts that may waste your time. Ghost advertises that you can only focus on your content because they take care of all the technical parts. Ghost creates a better user experience for writers, and you can easily format your content as you write. After you publish the content, there is not anything negative compared to WordPress, and you can add comments to Ghost blog as well.

3. Build-In Seo

SEO can be a problem for many content creators because it has many technical parts. In WordPress, you need to download and install plugins and optimize the technical parts of the website. When something goes wrong can be very frustrating. On the other hand, Ghost has build-in SEO features, so you don’t have to spend time on it. There are XML sitemaps, canonical data, metadata, AMP pages, etc. If you don’t want to learn about all this stuff, Ghost is a much better option because WordPress always needs updates and new technical features.

4. Social Media Buttons

When people visit your posts, they can easily share your content on social media with the standard social media buttons that you can see in different placements. WordPress users can add these buttons by installing a relevant plugin or buying a premium theme. The problem is that these plugins can slow down your site and may cost some money. Ghost blogs have already installed social media buttons on the different pages of a blog without affecting the speed or the performance.

5. It Is Affordable

Both WordPress and Ghost are paid services when you need server space. WordPress plans start from a few dollars per month, but they offer a very basic service and can’t handle a lot of visitors. If you want to create a blog that will have an audience, you need to buy the premium WordPress packages of your hosting provider. In my opinion, Ghost has more affordable plans for those who are serious with blogging and content creation. You can start from $29 per month, and you get maximum performance. Most WordPress hosting providers do not guarantee the performance of your site at that price.

6. Fast Loading Time

Ghost blogs include a CDN that improves the overall performance and speed of your pages. You don’t have to pay for it or do any actions from your part. CDN is build-in like the SEO features. WordPress users must download and install plugins to activate their CDN. In some cases, they need to pay extra money. Also, the performance of a WordPress blog depends on the hosting provider and your hosting plan. It can be very inconsistent with shared hosting plans.

7. Free SSL

Ghost blogs have an SSL certificate that is important to encrypt sensitive information of the users. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, most users will get a warning when they visit your site. Also, it’s a Google ranking factor these days because it makes the websites more secure. Ghost includes SSL certificates in the price of your plan. WordPress hosting providers have a different approach to this feature. Some of them will add it to their hosting package while others request extra money.

8. Apps And Integrations

Ghost bloggers can use third-party apps and integrations to customize their blogs. These services can improve the theme and the design of any blog. There are over 1000 options that you can test on your blog. Of course, WordPress has plugins instead of apps. The plugins can cover all the parts of a WordPress website. The number of available plugins is an important advantage for WordPress. However, Ghost gives you many options on that part as well. 

Disadvantages Of Ghost 

It is not everything perfect on the Ghost blogging platform, so here are some of the main issues: 

Not a free version: Ghost does not offer a free version, even if there is a free trial for 14 days. So, beginners can’t start for free or at a low price and just test the platform. They need to decide to go with the $29 per month package or stay away.

It does not support e-commerce: Ghost is not a good option for e-commerce sites that must handle payments and customers. It is only a good option for bloggers. The other types of internet marketers may consider other options. 

There is a limited number of themes: Many individuals and companies create WordPress themes and plugins, so there are more options on WordPress than Ghost. You have only a limited number of themes to choose from.


Ghost can be another option for bloggers and a reliable CMS platform. WordPress dominates the market for years, but this is not the only way to go. Many bloggers love the fact that there only very few distractions for them and their readers. They don’t have to worry about the design, technical SEO, speed of the site, and other parts of a blog that are time-consuming on WordPress. However, it is not a great option for beginners or other types of internet marketers yet.

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