Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 2018

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 2018
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2018)

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 2018

Do you want to earn huge profits through affiliate sale?

Earn thousands of dollars promoting this web hosting program. No doubt there are tons of web hosting companies out there who offer an affiliate program. But, this one stands out of them. This web hosting is best among them. We have been using this web hosting service for quite a long time.

The best affiliate should pay high commission and conversion should be good. Conversion of a web hosting company totally depends on its trust. How many people trust to host their website on that web hosting company.

Such high profitable web hosting program is offered by Bluehost. Bluehost is trusted by millions of website owners. They have been serving more than decades.

I would also suggest you join Bluehost affiliate program.  Bluehost pays high commission and it is trustable. It is a well-known company. So, there is no chance of fraudulent.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 2018

Some Features of Bluehost affiliate program

Bluehost affiliate is really awesome than any other hosting affiliate. Bluehost gives you a high commission for each sale. The most important is that if you are a WordPress affiliate, Bluehost has a plugin which lets you to directly add codes in widgets with different add sizes. Bluehost has transferred more than one million to affiliates in 2015.

How to activate a Bluehost affiliate account?

It is very easy to apply for Bluehost affiliate program. Before that, you have a blog with good traffic from web hosting or blogging niche.

Click here to apply for Bluehost affiliate and sign up with website URL, tax forms(w-4 form)

If you are using WordPress download this Bluehost affiliate library plugin, placing Banner ads and affiliate links become very easy.

What is the minimum payout from Bluehost affiliate program?

Bluehost gives you $65 in commission for each signup through your affiliate links and their minimum payout is $100.

I am really saying there is no limit of the money you can earn through Bluehost affiliate. Pat Flynn from simple passive income makes more than $40,000/month  that is roughly 26 lakhs of INR per month.

What payment methods do Bluehost affiliate program supports?

Bluehost pays as soon as you earn more than $100 in commission.

Bluehost sends money either through bank transfer or PayPal. I would recommend you to receive money through Bank Transfer as PayPal charges more nowadays.

Why Bluehost affiliate is ”Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 2018”

Let’s see now why Bluehost is ”Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 2018”. We will compare Bluehost affiliate program with other web hosting programs.

Bluehost affiliate vs Hostgator affiliate

Like Bluehost, Hosting is also a well know web hosting provider. But unlike Bluehost, they have a different commission style. The commission starts from $25 to $125 for each sale. The commission totally depends on the number of sales.

1-5 ……………..$50 /signup
6-10 …………..$75 /signup
11-20 ………….$100 /signup
21+ …………….$125 /signup

If I have to recommend any other web hosting affiliate next to Bluehost. I would recommend Hostgator to you.

Bluehost affiliate vs Siteground affiliate

Siteground is recommended by many top bloggers in the blogosphere. Siteground has following commission plans–

$50 per sale up to 5 Sales
$75 per sale for 6-10 Sales in a month
$100 per sale for 11-20 Sales monthly
$125 per sale for 21 sales and above

Siteground can be a gem if you are lucky to bring more customers. But, as compared to Bluehost conversion is less.

Bluehost affiliate vs Dreamhost affiliate

Dreamhost too has a lucrative affiliate program. Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting company. Bluehost offers more in commission than Dreamhost.  Maybe due to its popularity, Bluehost seems to be chosen by more people.

Bluehost affiliate vs Digital Ocean affiliate

There is another new web hosting player that is Digital Ocean. DO offers droplet plans to customers with $5, $10, $25 droplets. DO is provides only cloud web hosting. They have a beautiful affiliate program through which they offer $25 for each referral. Undoubtedly Bluehost wins in terms of affiliate commission.

Bluehost affiliate is undoubtedly better than any other hosting affiliates because of –

1.High commission for each referral

2.Recurring commission

3.Easier than other hosting affiliate program providing plugins and various sizes of banners which makes everything easy.

Final Thought on ”Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program 2018”

Bluehost affiliate is really awesome what I have experienced as a partner with Bluehost for more than a year. I have never found any delay in payment and they show clearly the number of clicks vs sign-ups through affiliate links. You can easily estimate your progression and plan for the upcoming festive season.

If you do not believe me, follow Pat Flynn and Harsh Agarwal blogs to see how much they earn from Bluehost affiliate program.


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