Blackweb Active Stylus Review

Blackweb Rechargeable Active Stylus pen
(Last Updated On: February 23, 2019)

This active stylus allows for more natural writing it is the design for use with touchscreen devices. This stylus is fingerprint free, controls to make them navigating the device simple, these comfortable to hold and suitable for use at school and office. Durable design and holds up to regular use.

Blackweb Active Stylus iPad Pro

Blackweb Active Stylus can be used for an iPad Pro. It offers a stylish, professional look which matches with the iPad Pro design. Pocket clip for convenient carrying just like a writing pen. Precision tip of the Blackweb Active Stylus makes it smooth to draw and write. Ideal for home, school and office use.

Blackweb Active Stylus Pen

Blackweb Rechargeable Active Stylus pen

For capacitive touchscreen devices, including tablets and smartphones, Blackweb Active Stylus is a nice deal at the cheap price. Fingerprint-free precision and control which makes the stylus comfortable to draw on a screen. Makes navigating, drawing or writing on your device simple. Allows for more natural handwriting. Differentiates between finger touch and pen

Blackweb Active Stylus Android

It may work with Android. But, we haven’t tried. You will need an extra HDMI extension.

Blackweb Active Stylus Manual

It doesn’t require any apps or software to connect to a device. So, you can just plug and start writing.

Blackweb Active Stylus Compatibility

This Blackweb Active Stylus allows for more natural handwriting. It is designed for use with capacitive touchscreen devices, including tablets and smartphones.

List of Compatible Devices

  1. iPad Mini
  2. iPhone
  3. iPad
  4. Dell Screentouch PC
  5. HP Screentouch PC

Blackweb Active Stylus Space Gold

Blackweb Active Stylus Space Gold

Blackweb Active Stylus Space Grey

Blackweb Active Stylus Space Gray

This accessory has a sleek Space Gray design to offer a professional look. It also features a pocket clip for convenient carrying. The precision tip ensures it glides smoothly across the screen without leaving scratches behind. The Blackweb stylus delivers fingerprint-free control to make navigating your device simple. It is comfortable to hold and is suitable for use at home, school or in the office. Durably designed, it holds up to regular use.



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Blackweb Active Stylus




Value for Money









  • Stylish
  • No app/software required


  • No Protection for the tip which may get scratches easily
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    • The distortion is measured in capacitance. But there is the link between your body and the screen, the stylus won’t work without you holding it in the right place. The point is, the screen protector on the otter box does reduce the effectiveness of the stylus.

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