8 Bloggers Who Earn Ridiculously

    This blog post is about Indian bloggers who are earning ridiculously from their blogs. Earning through blogging is not easy, it takes time and you need patience at the beginning but later it becomes a Money Making Machine(MMM). Here I shall cover only a few of them as it will not be possible to talk about all the successful bloggers in a single post. They have huge fan base both on their blog and social media make these blogs viewed by lakhs of users. But above all, it is the organic traffic which brings the largest amount of traffic.

Bloggers who earn ridiculously:

1.Amit Agarwal

site:  labnol.org

earnings: 30000$ to 32000$/mo

homepage of labnol.org
Homepage of labnol.org

An engineer by profession and worked in a company called Goldman Sachs in the USA. But later he moved to India to make his dream of blogging. Now he is a columnist in wall street journal.

2.Harsh Agarwal

site:  shoutmeloud.com

earnings:10000$ to 12000$/mo

home page of shoutmeloud.com
Homepage of shoutmeloud.com

A blogger from New Delhi who publishes his earnings in his blog. Now married and owns a flat in Noida from his blog money. He blogs regularly about WordPress and money making process.

3.Amit Bhawani

site:   amitbhawani.com

earnings: 25000$ to 30000$/mo

amit bhawani
Homepage of amitbhawani.com


His other famous blogs include name like AndroidAdvices.com

However, from past one year, he is not blogging on his main blog because he has moved to another level. Now, he runs a company that offers digital solutions in his home city of Hyderabad.

4.Jashpal Singh

site:   savedelete.com

earnings: 4000$ to 5000$/mo

Homepage of savedelete.com
Homepage of savedelete.com

he is a mechanical engineer who loves going to gym.

His blog is about software, internet tips and technology news

5.Arun Prabhudesai

site:   trak.in

earnings:  4000$ to 6000$/mo

Homepage of trak.in
Homepage of trak.in

His blog Trak.in is basically a business and a technology blog. He gives information about startups, financial news, And Stock market etc.


6.Raju PP

site:  techpp.com

earnings: 5000$ to 6000$/mo

Homepage of techpp.com
Homepage of techpp.com

Raju belongs to silicon city of India, Bangalore. He is an electronic engineering graduate. He worked in Infosys as a Technical Specialist.

7.Pradeep Kumar

site:  hellboundbloggers.com

earnings: 6000$ to 7000$/mo

Homepage of hellboundbloggers.com
Homepage of hellboundbloggers.com

He studied at SMK Fomra Institute of Technology.

His blog is all about Social media, technology and blogging tips.

8.Srinivas Tamada

site::   9lessons.info

earnings:  5000$ to 8000$/mo

Homepage of 9lessons.info
Homepage of 9lessons.info

Srinivas Tamada is a Chennai based blogger. His blog is about programming, Ajax, PHP and other web design aspect. Hence, the blog is for people that are more technical rather a non-professional.

I want to sum up with that blogging is really a good platform if you want to earn money. The most important thing blogging requires time and hard work. You can also start your blogging career from now from little to bigger. You can check out my basic blogging tutorial on this blog.


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