25+ Blogging Communities You Need To Join To Increase Your Blog Traffic

These days, blogging is one of the most popular marketing methods around. People are happy to read well written, engaging and to-the-point content. Not all writers have mastered this combination, of course, and that’s why blogging communities are built.

Understandably, new bloggers can feel intimidated by the hazy road ahead… but what if you could get consistent support and honest advice along the way? Well, now you can. Blogging communities serve as a personal mentor group and an interactive information base. Members will honestly critique your work, quickly enhancing your skillsets, networks and web traffic.

If you blog, it’s probably with the aim of capturing the attention of a solid readership; one that will be compelled to return time and time again, trusting and regularly sharing your content. We have compiled a list of top blogging communities that can give you the support you seek:

Blogging Communities

1. Medium

Medium is the brainchild of Twitter, devised to bring together writers and professionals with similar goals (and challenges). Medium blogging community allows its users to share content, build networks and attract a fan base.

Medium tends to appeal to those with a more casual approach to writing; you won’t find too much formal, stiff content here. It’s mainly a playground for those who like to captivate with succinct and clever delivery, rather than reams of facts and data.

This community offers useful functions, such as contributor profiles containing links to your own site and work – this helps you gain followers to subscribe to your awesome content. There’s free membership to be had, but for $5 a month, you can get unlimited access to the inspiring creations of expert writers, storytellers and philosophers.


2. BizSugar

The intriguingly named BizSugar is up there among the most highly recommended blogging communities. It serves as a stomping ground for entrepreneurial types who are finding their feet. If you’re currently nurturing a small business, BizSugar could be the community for you. Having a business isn’t a prerequisite though; you’re welcome there regardless.
It’s a place you can go to gain insights, get relevant industry news, and give your two cents worth on others’ content. Similarly, you can put up your own content for inspection, advice and sharing.
They don’t mind a bit of healthy competition on BizSugar, and that’s great – it can be very motivating. BizSugar encourages you to vote on content and to write your way into the weekly top ten members category. Succeed at that and you could have a whole new readership clicking at your door. Oh, and the icing on the cake: membership is free.


3. Triberr

Another free blogging community, Triberr connects you to the most engaging content creators within your own niche. Cut straight to the chase with valuable inspiration from your most influential peers.

Triberr community is a great place to go if you’re feeling a little dry on the ideas front, and there’s full transparency here; you can find out what your potential tribes are up to before you even sign up to join them.

For instance, if you like the look of a tribe, check out how many people are part of it, how far their content is spreading, and where it’s landing. People can and will share your creations (even directly to Twitter, through Triberr); you can also see who is spreading your work around and how often.


4. Kingged

What if we told you there was a blogging community that really had your back? What if it was full to the brim with friendly members bending over backwards to support you? Wouldn’t it be great if they rewarded you financially for your honest assessments, regularly put giveaways up for grabs and motivated your shiniest content with contests?

As it happens, there is such a community: it’s called Kingged. On this site, you can put up your posts, old or new, under whichever category you see fit. Members will happily offer you their opinions, and you can even boost your chances of success by paying for a package that puts your content on authority sites like HuffPost, Mashable and CNN.


5. Google+ Communities

Many new content creators make the assumption that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the be all and end all of social media marketing. However, it would be a shame to overlook what Google+ can offer you as an aspiring blogger.

The first advantage this community gives you is sheer numbers. After all, who doesn’t have a Google account now? If you’re talented, this is an exceptionally useful community for generating large numbers of new followers.

Google+ allows you to connect with different communities on every conceivable subject, meaning there’s always a wealth of information at your fingertips, as well as attracting potential fans for your own content… and all this without ever putting your hand in your pocket. Hit the ‘discover’ button for random inspiration presented in a diverse array of styles.


6. BlogHer

There’s even a blogging community out there that is just for the ladies. Originally, BlogHer was simply a technology conference for women, but today it is a thriving community and one of the biggest online publishing networks for women.

Women in social media who love to read and write about their issues and inspirations can come together at BlogHer to share the hottest news and trends, communicating with each other for advice, critiques and post sharing. It has a massive audience, too: it has around 3,000 blogs and posts on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, which attract 92 million visitors every month!

BlogHer has a supportive attitude towards its members; they promote members’ work, invite them to write regularly and offer exceptional exposure. This makes it the number one hotspot for women looking for reach, new networks and a wealth of inspiration.


7. Blog Engage

If you don’t mind forking out a little something in the name of success, Blog Engage could be the one for you. It’s not big bucks to join: for a monthly fee of £4.99, you can gain access to premium services and a valuable social network. With around 3,500 members, that’s a lot of worthy feedback waiting for you. Members will vote on your creations, and if you are deemed one of the best, you’ll be published on the homepage for all to see.

You can join groups to connect to members with similar interests and you’re encouraged to bring friends to the site to expand the community. The numbers speak for themselves: the site has over 40,000 new stories and 75,000 votes, so there’s no fear of tumbleweed on your content here.

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8. DoSplash

DoSplash is a blogging community where you can promote your content to give a boost. Though it is free to join, they have a pro plan too. With pro plan, you have more functionalities to connect with other bloggers and have a pro blog post boosting. DoSplash and Klinkk are same in many ways.


9. BlogLovin

Bloglovin’ is a platform that allows users to read, organize, and discover their favorite blogs on mobile and desktop. It is a design-focused platform that aggregates feeds from sources with RSS feeds, allowing users to discover and organize content. If you are a lifestyle blogger, It is 100{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} recommended to join BlogLovin as  90{7dc6b57109584f6cf0f32ef1db2aa5bf48c0513368087ca0c8f505f7f173c803} of Bloglovin’s users are female.


10. Klinkk

Klinkk is Your Blogging Community just like Bloglovin though they are different many ways. If your blog is dying of traffic, you can join Klinkk to drive traffic to your blog. Erik Emanuelli is the Admin of this site. They have diverse groups from finance to foods to blogging topics. It is one the best platform to showcase your writing talent in front of blogging geeks.

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Facebook blogging communities


11. Blogging Boost

With over 21,000 members, Blogging Boost is the largest group on our list and is very active.

The group offers a platform for supporting one another every day through Q&A threads and celebration threads. One day a week, the group allows self-promotion on the wall. There is a group Pinterest board and a Blogging Boost community on Google+ for additional reach. Also, there is a resource for finding or sharing guest posting opportunities within the group.


12. Bloggers United

Bloggers United is a cross-promotion focused Facebook group with over 12,000 members. There are multiple promotional threads every single day, focused on growing engagement on different platforms, from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram. There are also tips and knowledge threads, where members can ask questions and share their expertise on different subjects.


13. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers is a very active Facebook group with over 16,000 members. It is a great community for support and discussion, as well as sharing connections that may not be a great fit for you but could benefit someone else, such as a guest poster or a sponsorship offer from a brand.

This group has daily threads members can participate in to promote themselves and others. On Mondays, members can share a recent post. On Tuesdays, they can share a Facebook post they would like engagement on. There is a similar Twitter thread on Thursdays and an Instagram thread on Fridays. On Sundays, there is a coveted feature for “Blogger of the Week,” which group members can apply to be featured for.


Blogging communities which are primarily for bloggers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. They discuss different topics which are helpful for the blogging community. They do share thoughts in English/Hindi/Urdu. If you are non-Hindi/Urdu speakers, sometimes you may feel disconnected.


14. Bloggers Funda

Bloggers mostly from India and Pakistan talking about blogging tips. This blogging community is the gem for bloggers who are newbies. They discuss mostly starting a blog from scratch and taking it to next level. I would highly recommend you to join Bloggers Funda if you are a blogger from India or Pakistan.


15. Bloggers Agenda

Same as Bloggers Funda, Bloggers Agenda have an amazing community who are proactive day and night talking about Adsense and Amazon affiliate earning. This blogging community has grown in numbers of bloggers joined and on its path to increase more and more bloggers from India and Pakistan.


16. HBB

HBB is the group for India Bloggers. Though there is no such restriction for bloggers from other countries. But, it seems most are Indians who are sharing blogging knowledge with each other. HBB was personal blogging community started by Pradeep from HellBoundBloggers. But, now open to all and doesn’t limit to bloggers who know his blog.


17. Bloggers Promotion

Promote your blog, facebook page in this group. Instantly you will get hundreds of likes for your post and pages. Don’t forget to read the group’s terms and conditions before joining Bloggers Promotion.


18. Boost Your Blog

Boost Your Blog boasts over 10,000 members and is more open format than the groups above. Instead of daily threads being posted to promote and engage with other users, there are occasional opportunities to share, and questions are welcome anytime on the wall. If you are a new blogger, most likely to have less traffic to your blog. Joining this Facebook blogging community can boost your blog traffic which is supposed to be by its name itself.


19. World Food Bloggers

World Food Bloggers No one wants to cook same food all of the time. Some days, you just want to cook delicious food, either by ordering in a takeaway or heading out to a delicious establishment near you. Have you just cooked or eaten something, somewhere that you want to share with people of the World? Recommend any new recipe, place, or leave your review on restaurants that you have visited lately. This blogging community is best for food bloggers.


20. Fashion And Style Bloggers

Fashion And Style Bloggers  A place for all the bloggers to share their content, get to see other blogs and help each other grow with sharing and supporting. If you are a Fashion and Style Blogger most likely you may be familiar with this facebook blogging community.


21. Travel Bloggers by CebuFace.net

Travel Bloggers by Cebu Travels. This blogging community is for travel bloggers. If you are a blogger based in South Asian Country or you are planning to join South Asian bloggers, this is the best blogging community for you. These bloggers from the Philippines now are connected to other travel bloggers around the world. Cebu Travel is amazing in helping these bloggers to present the beauty of Philippines to foreign tourist.

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Blogging communities country specific


Blogging community India

22. IndiBlogger

Discover new blogs, and helps your blog get discovered in return. Promote your blog posts on IndiVine, and keep track of the latest/top posts by bloggers on your network. Send private messages to bloggers via IndiMail. Anyone who is a member of the IndiBlogger network can organize a blog meet. Go ahead and create the meeting – we’ll give you a call and give you any help you need. Who knows – we may even pay for the coffee/beer! If you need help creating the meeting, post a comment on our blog.

IndiRank is a system we built to rank the blogs in the IndiBlogger network. Although we manually verify every blog before it’s allowed into the network, the IndiRank system is completely automated.


23. BlogAdda

BlogAdda.com was started in 2007 and from there it has grown to become the largest community of bloggers in India. It is a platform for bloggers to connect with each other, showcase their blogs and participate in interesting activities. The Adda has given writers various avenues to introduce their blogs to a large audience and interact with their readers.


Blogging community UK

24. Official UK Bloggers 

Official UK Bloggers is the ultimate destination for bloggers living in UK. Here they discuss everything from blogging tips and tricks to scaling online. If you are finding it hard to find sponsors for your blog, you definitely join this awesome group.  Official UK Bloggers also has a facebook group to connect and discuss.

You can connect this Official UK Bloggers Facebook Group to gain some valuable insight on blogging in the UK.


Blogging community Philippines

25. Nuffnang Philippines

Nuffnang is the world’s leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging like we do! Our community currently reaches out to more than 0 bloggers in 8 countries and regions – Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and United Kingdom.

At Nuffnang, bloggers generate income through blog ads placed by various brands, and become part of a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests we organize and support, especially for you. A community for bloggers by bloggers, Nuffnang strives to keep the local blogosphere growing.


26. Bloggerati by Nuffnang Philippines

Bloggerati by Nuffnang is the dedicated talent management division of Nuffnang Philippines. We work with the top bloggers from our Nuffnang community of 35,000 bloggers and closely manage their successful brand partnerships, media relations and professional development.


Are you ready to join a blogging community?

It’s every blogger’s dream to see their site becoming something of an authority… and who wouldn’t want their precious work to go viral? Although it’s an attainable goal, the reality is that reaching this goal requires strategy and patience. It certainly can’t hurt to join one of the many blogging communities at your disposal and polish up your skillset with the help of experienced peers that’s what I feel being the Head of Marketing at GravIT.

There are also some personal blog communities maintained by top bloggers and followers. You can join them Too. Joining a blog community site can give an initial boost to your blog. Those who are in fashion or food industry will be able to know about advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Blogengage is one of the such best blogging community out there in the blogosphere.


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