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25+ Blogging Communities You Need To Join To Increase Your Blog Traffic

These days, blogging is one of the most popular marketing methods around. People are happy to read well written, engaging and to-the-point content. Not all writers have mastered this combination, of course, and that’s why blogging communities sprang up. Understandably, new bloggers can feel intimidated by the hazy road ahead… but what if you could… Read More »

How to add a new theme to a blogspot blog

By default, Blogspot comes with some themes/templates which are simple. They don’t have that many appealing looks. Recently, google has added some more themes to the Blogspot which are good looking and responsive. These are– Contempo Soho Emporio Notable To activate these themes for your blog click on theme in your Blogspot dashboard—->choose a theme you… Read More »

How to create a blogspot blog?

     Creating  a blogger blog is easy and free. Only the thing you have to do is just type the address in your browser. Do remember that if you don’t have a gmail account open one first. Then log in using your gmail account. Now a days  there are many blogging plateforms like blogspot.… Read More »

How to point a blogspot blog to a custom domain?

    So ,now you want to move from  to . I think that’s a good decision by you. I too started blogging on blogger as it is easy and free. But if you want to drive more traffic  and want to build a brand of yourself you should have a custom domain. Custom… Read More »