Dealing With iPhone Repairs

here is no denying the fact that Apple is the pioneer of smart technology. Steve Jobs started a revolution when he unveiled his first iPhone, starting what can be considered a cult following around the phone. People start lining up in queues the night before the official store launch of a new phone just so … Read more

VPN connection failed-How to fix on Android, iOS and Windows

VPN connection failed

VPNs are generally used to hide IP, location, information of an internet user. There are also used for other purposes. Users can access resources like websites from a place where it is prohibited. Mostly used by gamers to play games which are available in a particular country. Though VPN seems to be easy to use. It just needs … Read more

Best Baby Tracker Apps for Moms

Baby Tracker App

A Baby cannot speak out his problems, so the mom has to look after everything for the baby from feeding to bathing to medicines. A happy baby looks adorable, while a crying baby creates tension on a mother’s face. It is always better to keep track of baby’s growth and health. As a baby cannot … Read more

Summertime Saga Mom Events | Walkthrough | Quests | Kissing | Missions

Summertime Saga mom Debbie events

Summertime Saga Mom Debbie Events A lot of Events with mom in summertime saga game. She is one of the important characters of the game. She becomes desperate for physical relation after losing her husband. She constantly tries to get attention from her son. It’s all starts with fetishism and ends with entangled relationships. Summertime Saga … Read more

Tweakbox alternative for non jailbroken devices 2018

Tweakbox alternative for non jailbroken devices

Tweakbox is the popular app to download premium iOS apps for free without jailbreak. Tweakbox lets you download apps like Spotify plus, Netflix premium or any paid games. I have come up with top tweakbox alternative apps for non-jailbreak iOS devices. These are third-party apps which may change their terms and conditions time to time. Your … Read more

19 Crime Wine App Review

19 Crime Wine App Review

Meet Living Wine Labels, an updated version of the 19 Crimes app. Discover augmented reality experiences from 19 Crimes, and many more of your favorite wines. From swirling vortexes to grim confessions, the app brings the labels to life – and reveals the story behind every bottle. 19 crimes turned convicts into colonists. In 18th-century … Read more

How to get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone no Jailbreak

How to get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone no Jailbreak

How to get Spotify premium for free forever. Spotify is now free on mobile and tablet. Listen to the right music, wherever you are. With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Choose a ready-made playlist that … Read more