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Millions of Instagram accounts were hacked

Instagram accounts hacked

Millions of Instagram accounts were hacked through a bug in the API. Initially, it was said by Instagram August 30 that it is only the celebrity accounts which were hacked. But, later it was confirmed that normal accounts were also hacked and got accessed to the email and phone number. Though the hacker could not fetch the passwords […]

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50 awesome websites that you should know

50 awesome websites

Google, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, bing, yahoo, verse all we know these websites. But, I am not going to talk about them. I have a list of 50 awesome websites that you should check once. They are undoubtedly the best websites to discover new things. Here is the list— StayFocusd – StayFocusd increases your productivity by […]

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Best Selfie sticks to buy in 2017

selfie sticks

These selfie sticks are easy to use and have great functionality. What will be your answer if somebody asks ”Do you like selfie?”Most probably your answer will be- of course, I like selfies. Social media likes and comments mean a lot for online influencers and even for us common people. Selfies have changed the world how we […]

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