4 Cheap Ways to Update Your Tech Devices

Cheap Ways to Update Your Tech Devices
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2018)

Are you tired of constantly replacing recently bought technology with new models? Companies that provide us with essential gadgets often make it difficult for us to keep with their products and trends. Just when we think we have the latest phone, tablet, or computer a more efficient version lands on the market, often at expensive rates. However, several alternative solutions are currently available which offer consumers tech-savvy upgrades without having to buy a new device completely. Here are just a few ways to convenient and affordable ways to update your devices.

1.Sony SmartEyeglass Attachment

This incredibly futuristic and convenient gadget beats any current iPhone update any day. Sony’s latest development in glasses technology is their most advanced yet. This attachment is a single lens display with a small color LED display and a 640 x 400 pixel resolution, offering the highest quality possible for an attach device of its kind. Rather than manufacturing glasses with a camera built into them, the SmartEyeglass allows the user to conveniently place the device on any pair of glasses. There’s no doubt that anyone that uses this gadget will look and feel more updated than the latest iPhone.

2.LoopPay Phone Cases

Despite the rise of mobile pay options and apps that designed to manage banking, not every retailer has prepared to accompany customers paying with phones. LoopPay solves the problem by selling a case that allows for the user to swipe their case on any card reader as if it were a credit card. LoopPay cases work at 90% of businesses and are accompanied by a user-friendly app that manages payment easily. LoopPay hopes that customers will eventually rely on their case to pay and not on various cards. These cases are available for both Android and iPhone at an expensive price of $60, but are worth it if you have trouble keeping track of your cards.

Is LoopPay too expensive or unnecessary for the price? Several companies offer stylish alternatives that will protect your phone from damage while having built-in card pockets for your normal credit card. Cheap iPhone cases from Casely come in eclectic designs, some with card slots, and all are affordably priced.

3.Parrot RNB6

Do you feel frustrated that the car you bought five years ago feels like it has an outdated infotainment system? Over the last ten years, we’ve seen a rapid change in how a vehicle plays music, interacts with the driver, and connects to Bluetooth; and we’re only going to see advancement in car technology. The Parrot can plug into you existing car set up, so you don’t have to buy a whole new car just to have the modern system you desire. The Parrot is a 7-inch touchscreen device designed to play music, perform on-board diagnostics, provide directions and deliver parking assistance. The Parrot is the car system that can transform any older vehicle into a fully equipped and convenient set-up, which can really make being stuck in traffic much more enjoyable.

4.IQ Shield iPhone X Screen Protector

Have a phone case but are worried about scratching its display? Or is your current case flimsy and you feel like you need a cheap additional item to prevent it from damage? This screen protector is only $8.95 on Amazon and will protect your phone from harsh falls and sharp objects. With a 99.9 clarity and a small width of .33mm, it’s hard not to consider purchasing for added protection. Plus, when purchased it comes with two additional screen protectors in case you lose your first one. It’s guaranteed to save your phone from a fall, so why not add it to your already existing case?

Final Verdict

No matter what device you have – from a phone to a car –it’s only a matter of time before you’ll start to feel like it’s outdated. Save yourself the time, money, and hassle of constantly buying replacements and instead update your products with these helpful gadgets. Don’t stress yourself out about having the latest phone; instead, just investigate some add-ons!

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