Why Cisco Packet Tracer and its benefits?

Cisco packet tracer is basically network simulation software that is designed by the Cisco Network Academy. It works in creating and stimulating a network without having any physical network. If a user is configuring any Complex network then the Cisco packet tracer makes it very effective and easy due to its friendly and easy interface. The best part about CISCO packet tracer is that it can easily run as a hybrid network.
Yes, due to a combination of its simulated and physical network it works like a hybrid network. This all gets completed because of the Dragon drop visual interface of the software. The Cisco packet tracer software is very useful and unique and also it is considered by several individuals and institutions globally. By using the Cisco network packet tracer it becomes easier for people to learn and practice the networking skills before getting indulged in the physical world.

What are the benefits of the Cisco packet tracer?

Well, there are several benefits of using the Cisco packet tracer simulator tool. Here in the below section, we have given the details regarding a few of them. Please take a look:

  • The best part about CISCO packet tracer is that it is absolutely free of cost. Yes anyone including the individuals and the Institutions can use this Tool for free globally. Earlier the simple term was only free for the students of the network Academy but now it is available for all.
  • If an individual is willing to learn CCENT, CCN, CCNP Security and CCNP Switch exams, in fact, any Cisco certification or any other course then and he can easily Practice complete Cisco Packet Tracer labs from the Networking Academy 
  • Either individual or an institution, both can take advantage of the tool
  • This Simulator is compatible with all the device is including Android, Linux, iOS, Windows and others.
  • If you want to run this tool on iOS operating system then there is no need to add any physical router or another network.
  • If you want to run this tool on a mobile device is then also it will work so well.

How to download the Cisco packet tracer latest version?

  • If you are willing to download the latest version of the Cisco packet tracer then you will be glad to know that it is available free to download but for that, you need to register to the Netacad Networking Academy.  Well, the registration process is also free. 
  • Once you get registered you will get an ID and password that you can use to run the simulation tool.
  • Thereafter you need to create an account and then confirm it
  • Once your account is created you will see a list of downloaded links to packet tracer active versions
  • You can easily download the packet tracer and can use it

Every student and individual searches for a platform that can help them in testing and running the debugging function without having any compromise with the application setup. By using the Cisco packet tracer, the individuals get an opportunity to who perform the functions and simulation exercises without any limitations. 

The best part about CISCO packet tracer is that you can easily download and install it in your device. By using this tool you can easily give instructions and teach everyone as same as you do in a normal class. There are several functions of this symbol there including the visualization, assessment, authoring and collaboration of the parameters of networks so that the desired result can be achieved. By using this one tool you can easily achieve all the functions that are required while working on a particular network.

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