How to create a google plus page for your blog?

If you have a blog you should have a google plus page. It is very easy to create a Google+ page with your Gmail account.

Many new bloggers do not give importance to these things at first. All social media sites are equally important. If you are not creating Google Plus page you are missing out a lot of Google users. As Google + is part of the search engine giant, Google gives importance to it. It is equally important as having a  Facebook page. Having a google plus page proves your professionalism and seriousness in your job.


Now let’s talk how to start with, log in to

You will see this page-

you can also open a google+ page in
you can also open a Google+ page in


Click on   ‘ create a google+ profile ‘  button and continue-

There is one another way if you do not have any previously created blog with blogger.


Now just add people and create your page

Now everything is easy, you just you have created your page. Change your cover, page obligations etc.


You can create a google plus page using both blogger and

this is google+ page
this is google+ page

After that, you can edit the profile image, cover image, about, description. You can follow others google plus profiles like TechSearchOnline.


How to verify your blog URL?

Now google provides a verified tick sign for verified URL. To do that you have to request google plus and a message for final approval will be sent to your google webmaster tool dashboard. After you approve it logging into webmaster tool the verified sign can be seen just after one day or same day.

Now even a verified tick is available for email provided in the profile. Similarly google plus will send a verification email to your account when you update the profile with an email address.


How to get more audience?

You can increase the number of the audience by posting regularly and following more circles. Google plus is part of google and google does give importance to their products. Google plus is sources of many visitors who are looking for great contents. Unlink Facebook, Google plus is more like broadcasting platform. Facebook is kind of for viral sites as it is the place where most people spend their time. But google plus is cum and doesn’t require eye popping thumbnails and title for your blog posts. Having social media influence on each of the platform whether it is twitter, facebook, youtube, google plus is important.

Important: Master one of it and leave others on auto pilot enabling post sharing using jetpack plugin as we do in case of TSO.

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