DesignEVO Review: Online Logo Design Tool

Designing a logo is time-consuming. When I was searching for an online logo designing tool to make a logo for my website, I was pissed off searching websites to websites. I needed a website which allows me to create a high-quality logo and the website should provide all the materials for designing the logo. At last, I came across DesignEVO and found it interesting.

Let me show you the process of creating a High-Quality logo on DesignEVO within few minutes.


How to design a logo on DesignEVO with step by step process?

Step 1: Click on Make a Logo or Create or Make a Free Logo to start

create a free logo online

This is the first step of this tutorial. Go to DesignEVO by clicking this link. Click on Make a Free Logo button or Click on Create to start.


Step 2: Creating a logo in DesignEVO

designevo logo maker

It is very easy to create a logo in DesignEVO using premade templates. You can search for templates you need like music, flower or whatever your logo is related to.

They have a long list of categories from which you can choose one.

There is another good feature of DesignEVO that is “Start from Scratch“. Using this feature you can create a new logo from scratch on a blank template. You can use shapes and figures and fonts you want to add.


Step 3: DesignEVO Pricing Details

designevo review

The pricing structure of DesignEVO is divided into there plans. With the free plan, you can create a logo but you have to give credit to DesignEVO.

The Basic plan allows you to download High-Resolution images but there are some limitations.

Note: While Checking out you may need to create a profile. To create a profile enter your details with an email address. Confirm the email address and you will have a profile created.


Step 4: Edit your logo whenever you want this is possible if you have chosen the paid plans.

DesignEVO create a free logo

This is the logo I created using DesignEVO and Now I can edit it whenever I want.


Step 5: Download the Zip file Package

designevo online logo design

After you download the Zip file. Open it using Unzip or similar app. In the file, you will find High-Resolution images, Vector, and font files if you have chosen Plus plan which is $49.99. That’s it now you can use any image from the file as a logo.

The cool thing about DesignEVO is that you can edit your logo later on when you need. Your logo will be saved in your profile.


DesignEVO App for mobile users

They have a mobile app too. You can use the mobile app to create a logo on the go. DesignEvo app lets you create stunning logos in the palm of your hand. With 3500+ customizable logo templates, 100+ fonts, lots of graphics and powerful editing tools, you can turn your ideas into a compelling and unique logo in minutes, even if you have no professional design skills.

Make A Logo Now!

Final Thoughts

I loved this online logo maker. It is so easy to create a logo in DesignEVO. They have all the materials to design a perfect logo for your business. But one thing that strikes my mind is that nowadays it is very easy to get a logo design done by a professional for just $5 to $20 on Fiverr, Why would somebody spend a higher price for the same when he has to do everything by himself. Offcourse, quality matter, a logo design made by a Bangladeshi freelancer may not be good as on DesignEVO.

Lastly, my thought is that if you want a cheap design go for Fiverr or something like that and if you want a good high-quality logo you should definitely check DesignEVO.








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  • Let's you to edit your saved logos

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