Digital Marketing Hacks Every Startup Business Should Know

Digital Marketing Hacks Every Startup Business Should Know
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2018)

Digital Marketing Hacks Every Startup Business Should Know

Digital Marketing Hacks

Not to discourage you at all from running your startup business, but more than half of all startup businesses throw in the towel less than five years after they first got their start. There may be hundreds of reasons why those startup businesses have failed to last long, one of which may be that they haven’t taken promoting themselves online into consideration. If only they had known that most people use the Internet to find startup businesses, they probably would’ve made it past their fifth year. That’s why every startup business like yours should know about the following digital marketing hacks that have been proven to work:



1. Use SEO for your startup business’s website.

It’s no secret that most people very rarely venture beyond the first page of search results as displayed by their preferred search engine. That’s why everyone who has a website wants to land a coveted spot on that top page. Assuming that your startup business already has one, optimizing it for search engines can help you secure a slot in the first page of search results.

Digital Marketing Hacks for startups

There are several ways to apply SEO — or search engine optimization — to your startup business’s website. That said, it’s entirely up to you as to which tactics you want to use. Regardless if your startup business is a law firm or some other kind, you’ll want to read the ONE400 search optimization guide for tips on how to make your site consistently appear in a search engine’s first page of search results. Arm yourself with more SEO info than what your competitors already know so that you can gain enough edge over them in the battle of which startup business site gets to be part of a search engine’s top ten search results.



2. Optimize your startup business’s site for mobile.

More and more people access the Web using their mobile devices these days. Unfortunately, some sites built several years ago that didn’t receive any updates to their design don’t look good when viewed on any mobile device. You wouldn’t want your startup business’s site to suffer the same fate as theirs.

Whether you’ve built your startup business’s site on your own or you hired someone else to do it for you, its code should incorporate responsive web design so that it can become compatible across all kinds of mobile devices.


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3. Spread the word about your startup business using social media.

Any startup business can never be called as such if it doesn’t have any customers buying from them. But while some of your startup business’s customers might have stumbled upon you after looking for something online, they usually aren’t enough for your venture to turn a profit.

Most of your startup business’s potential customers are on social media checking their news feed for anything of interest to them. You’ll want to harness the power of social media for your startup business — regardless of how you feel about it personally. However, you should find out which social media platforms your startup business’s potential customers are most likely using. You don’t want to overreach by setting up accounts in just about every social media platform currently in existence only to find out much later that users of some social networking sites aren’t interested at all in what your startup business has to offer.


4. Craft viral content.

All the digital marketing hacks listed above will be all for nothing if the content you’re putting out is too crappy that no one among your startup business’s potential customers wants to talk about it.

So when putting out content for both your startup business’s website and social media accounts, you should make sure that it’s unique, relevant, catchy, and of good use to your potential customers. Think about what they’ll want to share with their friends, both on- and offline.


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Every startup business owner dreams of becoming the next Facebook, Google, or Apple — to name but a few of the world’s most well-known companies that were startup businesses back when they had yet to reach the level of recognition that they’re enjoying today. As a startup business owner yourself, you’ll want to attract as many customers as you can. A surefire way of accomplishing that fast is by spreading the word about your startup business online, and the above-listed digital marketing hacks that every startup business like yours should know can help you achieve your dreams of making it big.

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