Download YuddhBhoomi: The Indian version of COC

Become a true legend in YuddhBhoomi: the epic war land. In this strategy game, lead your baahubali warriors to victory against the enemy. You need to think on your feet, train army, build up defense, upgrade and utilizing resources smartly. Prove your supremacy against other players.

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YuddhBhoomi features:
● Build, upgrade and nurture your village
● Train vicious fighters (Dhanush dhari, Talwar Baaz, Lootera, Mahanashak, Garuda, Raka, etc.)
● Plant your defenses (Toap, Dhanush Dhari, Ghatak Gulel, Rockets, Baroodi Bomb etc.)
● Join Sangathans of players across the world
● Practice and complete single player battle trails
● Collect trophies and top the leaderboard

YuddhBhoomi will take you on a fantasy ride to a secret land unknown to mankind so far. You control your small village. Generate Patthar and Amrit, the two resources that you need to build the invincible empire. There’s also Gold, but use it wisely as it is scarce. Level up and unlock mystical powers with the ultimate resource – Dev Amrit. Use the resources to turn your village into a fortress that no one can break. Alongside, build up your army and attack other players’ villages and stamp your supremacy.

Download YuddhBhoomi: the epic war land

Final Thoughts on YuddhBhoomi Mobile Game—–

This game is more or less similar to COC. The game story is with Indian mythological heroes. With graphics and story Yuddhbhoomi the game has able to cater more than 1,00,000 installs. Looking its progress and gamers enthusiasm this game is going to compete with the Bahubali: the official game in strategy category.

Download Bahubali: the official game

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