How much one can earn from AdSense with 200/day pageviews?

adsense from a blog with 200 pageviews per day
(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

How much you expect from a blog with 200/day pageviews? Today I will tell you a case study of a blog making more than $100 per month from Adsense with 200 pageviews per day. There are some easy tips and tricks which can increase your Adsense earnings. In my view AdSense is the best advertising platform than any other ad company. Adsense CPC is so lucrative that sometimes one click of an ad can fetch you $30. Yeah! one f***ing click can give you $30. Though it is not as easy as it looks and off-course luck matters. This post will be the case study of a blog with very little traffic and generating AdSense revenue on an average of $100. Here we go…

Before you prepare for such AdSense blog, it is always advised to go for keyword research. You need to pick keywords which are having medium CPC and low competition. One such example of a keyword is ”Shillong teer today”. This keyword has high search volume but very fewer search results(under half a million search results is good). This is just an example, there are tons of search keywords all you need to do is rest your butt on a cushy cushion and keep searching such keywords. A keyword with CPC between $1 to $5 will be better. Keep in mind that you will not get the actual CPC rate in the end. But you will definitely get average $0.20 per click.

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Here I place 6 ads per page. So, let’s say my today pageviews are 200 pages and my ad impression will be roughly 200×6=1200 or somewhat less 1000(as because sometimes ads do not show).

If I get 20 clicks my CTR will be 20/1000×100=2% which is not bad. Now coming to CPC, there are many factors which depend on it. Such as—

  1. The country of the visitor.
  2. What the visitor was searching before. If he was searching for clothing, definitely there will be ads which are cheap. If he was searching for some loan or some paid software, the ad shown to him will be costly.
  3. Content of the page.

Now, Let’s go to the real calculation. Earlier I assumed that on average I got 20 clicks with average CPC $0.20

20×0.20=$4 for a day and now for a month it will be $4×30 days of a month= $120.  Some of you may be thinking this is bullshit. Anyone can do with a pen on paper. But, in reality, it is not possible. That’s why I always keep proof with me to show when needed.


AdSense with 200/day pageviews

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Isn’t that cool earning $100 from a blog with 200/day pageviews? That means every month you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account as it crossed the minimum threshold of $100. I would really suggest you make such 5 or 6 blogs and earn $500 to $600 dollars while sitting on a couch.

Factors which matters for earning $100 from AdSense:

1.Ad placement- ad placements plays a great role in increasing the CTR. You need to place at least 6 ads per page. Place a native ad or text/image ad just after the title. Then two link ads just after the second paragraph one after another. At the end of the page again native or text/image ad. one ad just after the image.

2.CPC(which I have already mentioned earlier)

3.Patience and experimentation with different ad formats and sizes.

Happy earning from Google Adsense. Don’t forget to share your earnings in the comments.


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