How to edit footer copyright note of WordPress themes.


Everyone wants a custom footer, right? No one wants to have the default footer attributes.  When you install a new, it comes with a  footer link back to the developer site and a link to the official site.

It doesn’t look professional if your footer is linked to some other developer site. So, this step by step guide will show you how to remove that footer link and put your own link that you want to add. Let’s remove the website copyright footer 

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Edit WordPress Theme

To edit the WordPress theme, it is always advised to edit the child theme, not the parent WordPress theme. You can easily create a child theme using a plugin.

Go to appearance and editor section of the WordPress dashboard.

Now choose the theme that you want to edit. If you have installed a single theme you will not see an option for selecting a  theme.

Now you need to edit the code of website copyright footer. The best way to edit the theme without damaging anything to the site is using the Chrome browser Developer tools. If you are using chrome developer tool,  you can activate it by clicking on right above corner of the Chrome browser.
chrome developer tools


Now let’s proceed step by step on editing the website copyright footer 


Step1: Open two tabs in Chrome browser. On one tab open the home page of your WordPress site

And on other tab open the WordPress theme editor


Step 2: Now You need to search for the footer section where the copyright attributes are written.

To find the footer note we need to open footer.php file(most of the theme uses this file). But some theme may have a different folder for footer copyright note(it depends on the developer).


edit theme footer in wordpress


Sometimes, it can’t be found in footer.php  file and can instead found in function.php file. So, it depends on the developer who has developed the theme.

To search it easily just hold ctrl +F key on your keyboard. One text bar will pop out, try by searching—

  • proudly powered by
  • Theme developed by

edit wordpress html easily

You will see some yellow marks highlighting the search terms. Now just edit it.

<a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”WordPress“>WordPress</a>

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”designer”>Ankurman</a>

Those are highlighted with red color, change it according to your need. Change it to own Name and website links.

Step 3: Click save in WordPress editor

You may not see the changes in current tab or window. Go to the incognito mode and type your site URL and you will be able to see the changes. The main reason for this is modern browsers keeps a copy of the site we visit for faster loading.

Comment below if you find any difficulty while editing your theme. I will try to solve your problem.


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