How to solve error in application in mi?

This is the problem that made to freak out after using a Redmi phone for first time. The pop up was very annoying. When I am texting or playing a game it used to pop up and spoil my focus. I did everyting from rebooting to chaging settings. Nothings seemed to work.

I was thingking that the problem was in the phone settings or with some some apps that I have installed.

What didn’t work for me?

I read numerous posts and watched number of viedos to solve the proble. I was tired at last. All they said/adviced were may be worked for them. But didn’t work for me. Tricks that I tried-

Uninstalling Apps

I thought the error was showing may be due to fault in one of the apps that I installed recently. One by one I uninstalled the apps. But it didn’t work. I was thinking the My airtel app may be causing the error. I unstalled that too. But it didn’t work at all.

Restricting all pop up windows in the settings.

Many tutorial suggesting users to go to settings and to click app permissions. They are saying to restrict all the pop up windows from the security settings.

Mi security>>>Mange Apps>>>Permissions>>>Other Permissions>>>Permissions>>>Display Pop Up Window>>>Restrict all.


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What worked for me?

What I finally did is just I changed my SIM slots. Previouslly the SIM was in 1st slot and then I moved to slot no 2. Surprisingly this worked for so felt like sharing with you.

This is the only method seems to work right now. You may try other methods too. Let me know in the comment section if you have found a new solution for the error in application problem in mi.

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