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(Last Updated On: October 12, 2018)

A book by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for students to tackle exams. The exam warriors pdf book will help you to prepare for the exam. Students get frustrated during exam time due to pressure. They find it difficult to finish their syllabus.

With the help of certain techniques, Books can be read fast and remembered well. Through Exam Warriors Pdf Book Narendra Modi Will help to solve any problem related to exam.

Prime Minister Modi has adviced the book to be designed in such a way so that any student irrespective age, the class can understand it and apply to his/her life.


Exam Warriors PDF Book by Narendra Modi

Below is a little excerpt from the book.

India is the world’s most youthful nation, with two-thirds of our population under the age of thirty-five. Young Indians have distinguished themselves in a wide range of fields not only in India but also overseas. It is the strength and skills of these youngsters that will usher in a New India.

Interacting with the youth is something I have always enjoyed. That is why, in February 2015, I decided to devote that month’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme to students appearing for their board examinations. In India, these exams are typically held around late February and early March. ‘Mann Ki Baat’, I thought, could be a wonderful medium to talk directly to students who were appearing for the exams and support them during this crucial phase of their lives.

It was an experiment of sorts and the end result was very encouraging. The response to that particular ‘Mann Ki Baat’ was overwhelming. Before the programme, several students from all over India shared their thoughts through letters, emails and MyGov. Parents and teachers wrote congratulatory messages to me for taking up an issue that deserved attention.

After the Class X and XII results were published later in the year, students wrote in to say that the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episode had helped them immensely in their preparation, reducing their pre-exam stress. In fact, a parent wrote to me saying, ‘Modiji, one of my children appeared for the Class XII exam and the other for Class X. They were tremendously nervous but your “Mann Ki Baat” had an effect on them that even our words did not.’ Such letters really touched me and thus it was decided to once again address exam students, their parents and teachers in the corresponding months of 2016 as well as 2017.

The experience of these three ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episodes and the responses received convinced me that I should compile the various themes discussed in them into a book.

This book is for all students who are appearing for examinations. They are the ‘Exam Warriors’—brave youngsters taking part in the festival of exams. The book drives home the important point that when it comes to examinations, there is no need to worry excessively or view it as a life-and-death situation.

The book seeks to add to the debate and discourse around the importance of stress-free examinations and the need to pursue knowledge over marks. It aims to be a catalyst that will trigger discussions whose ultimate beneficiaries will be our Exam Warriors. The more we talk about these issues, share our views and experiences and learn from others, the greater will be the chances of ensuring that our children have the fun-filled childhood that they deserve. It is our collective duty to ensure that their childhood is not overshadowed by the burden of exams and the constant anxiety of ‘What do I do next?’

In the spirit of continuing dialogue, this book contains activities that are fun and thought-provoking. On some pages, students can even write their own Mantras to motivate fellow Exam Warriors.

A series of asanas and breathing exercises are also included in this book. Exam Warriors should make yoga a part of their lives. From overcoming stress to becoming fitter, the advantages of practising yoga are manifold.

Being a firm believer in the power of technology, I have integrated this book with the Narendra Modi Mobile App. After all, it is all about sharing and growing—Exam Warriors can share their exam journeys with others and discover how others have embarked on theirs, through the app.

I have also written about other aspects, such as why one must always pursue one’s passion, try to discover oneself, and why youngsters must play, travel extensively and devote some time in the service of society. ‘Smaller’ but equally important areas of exam discipline and the significance of presentation have also been covered in the book.

No exam journey is complete without the support of parents and teachers. I have written to them as well, thanking them for the crucial role they play and seeking their continued support in encouraging our Exam Warriors.

Numerous inputs from students, parents and teachers before ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and the many letters that poured in after the examination season were particularly useful while writing this book.

I hope you enjoy reading Exam Warriors as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feedback and more ideas on the questions raised in this book are welcome.

Happy reading!

All the best for the exams!

—Narendra Modi

Exam Warriors Pdf

Exam Warriors PDF Book

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