My first amazon affiliate earnings: Amazon affiliate for Beginners

By | April 6, 2017
(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

Hurray! my first Amazon affiliate earnings

So, Here is the story. Back in august 2016, I bought a domain thinking to make a WordPress website on fashion, fitness and relationship tips for men. But, I was not posting anything and it was just lying blank. Late in 2016, slowly  I started posting one by one up to 60 posts(present number of posts). I placed some AdSense ads and left it.

I joined many online blogging groups and I have been hearing about people making money rain from amazon affiliate. So, I decided to give it a try. I wrote a post on 10 stylish wallets for men and added some amazon affiliate links to the post and again left it for a month.

My interest also fed up and also I had no time for other blogs as I was busy in TSO(TechSearchOnline). I was also little not convinced about affiliate marketing. Whether people really makes money or not. Nowadays anyone can make fake proof of making money online and fool others.

But, Yesterday I was reading an article on affiliate marketing and I happen to open my amazon associate account. Hurray! I made a sale. I never thought Amazon affiliate works.

Believe affiliate marketing works

I became so excited that I posted the screenshot to Hellboundbloggers facebook group.

my amazon affiliate earnings

Let’s talk about the process: How I made my first sale on affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

In simple words a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website/blog for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Also read, affiliate marketing vs AdSense

How amazon affiliate/amazon associates works?

You sign up for amazon affiliate

Place affiliate links on a blog, facebook page, email anywhere where you can get traffic.

someone clicks  the link and buys something

Amazon affiliate sign up 

amazon affiliate sign up

Amazon affiliate/associate sign up is very easy to do.

Just, fill in the form with website/app name where you want to promote amazon products. Fill about your website/app niche and you are ready to go.


Targeting the right audience.

Target the right audience. At the end, you need the conversion to make money from affiliate links. How much traffic you generated and how much people actually bought the product the conversion % matters. So, if your website/blog audience is from India, target India and if your audience is from the US, target the US accordingly with good contents.

Keep in mind you need to sign up separately for different country Amazon affiliate/associate program.

Sign Up for Amazon India

Sign Up for Amazon US 

Sign Up for Amazon UK


Amazon affiliate commissions 

Here is the list of[India] affiliate commissions for different products. If varies with different country Amazon associate account.

amazon affiliate commissions india

Some products have fixed commission and some products are excluded from the commission (that means you are not going to get anything if such products are sold through your affiliate link). You can get the full list of here.


How to place Amazon affiliate links?

An affiliate link looks like this-


Where techsearchonline-20 is my affiliate id

You can get a short link using Amazon site stripe. Like this one  []

You can promote Amazon products many ways

  • Using text link
  • Using Image
  • Using text+image
  • Using widget
  • Using carousel

Place them anywhere where you want to promote the Amazon products.

Amazon affiliate program without a website 

There are many other ways you earn money from Amazon affiliate link. You can place affiliate links on a viral facebook page, in Youtube video description, inside an email, subreddit group blah, blah, blah….

Choose wisely the product you want to promote and make a beautiful post related to the product or write a nice post and search a high rating product related to the post in amazon. This technique works for all facebook, email and on youtube.

Amazon affiliate program with a WordPress website?

WordPress is the easiest way to set up a beautiful website. I can’t go too much deep into it. If you are completely new and do not know about WordPress, don’t worry. Most people start blogging from free platforms like and Try with free website and later move to self-hosted WordPress website.

Now, Let’s talk about some simple steps–

1.Buy a domain from Godaddy at Rs.99

2.Buy hosting from Hostgator India(if you don’t have a credit card) or buy from Bluehost(If you have a credit card )

3.Install WordPress  on Cpanel

4.Write some awesome posts on a product you want to target.

5.Sign up for an amazon affiliate account.

6.Place affiliate links in the posts and wait for money to flow.

Note: It may not be easy if your website is getting low traffic.

Best amazon affiliate plugins

  1. EasyAzon
  2. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
  3. Amazon Link Engine [Localize the amazon links and brings more conversion]
  4. Amazon Associates Link Builder [official plugin by amazon]
  5. Amazon Link Engine [Localize the Amazon links and brings more conversion]

When will You get Paid?

You get paid when someone buys a product through your amazon affiliate link.

Payments are made monthly by cheque or NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) if your balance meets a minimum threshold. If applicable, you must have your tax information on file before getting payments.

There are several advantages to choosing to be paid by NEFT instead of by cheque:

  • NEFT transfers are a quick and secure way of transferring money.
  • The minimum payment threshold is INR 1,000 for NEFT (vs. INR 2,500 for payment by cheque).
  • There are no fees.


Types of amazon affiliate website with example

Coupon/cashback websites

Coupons and cashback websites which offer lucrative offers to buy from their site. They actually do not sell anything physically. They place affiliate links for each product they are promoting with offers and make money when someone buys through the affiliate link which is directed to amazon. one of such coupon site is—

Amazon niche websites

These are nothing but blogs only. But, they are specific in their topic. They write about a particular product like BBQ Grill and targets a visitor who is searching best of BBQ Grills. one of such niche amazon site is—


Blogs like TSO(techsearchonline) which talks about many topics like electronic gadgets and smartphones can use amazon affiliate program. (But, right now I don’t use in TSO).


Learn and Earn: 

It is always better to Learn first and earn later. Read all rules sorted by amazon to remain safe. I have also heard that accounts getting banned for violation of terms.

Take a look at the rules your blog/website should not:

  • promote or contain sexually explicit materials;
  • promote violence or contain violent materials;
  • promote or contain libelous or defamatory materials;
  • promote discrimination, or employ discriminatory practices, based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
  • promote or undertake illegal activities;
  • include any trademark of Amazon or its affiliates, or a variant or misspelling of a trademark of Amazon or its affiliates, in any domain name, subdomain name, or in any username, group name, or other identifier on any social networking site or
  • otherwise violate intellectual property rights.


Why amazon is awesome:

amazon india affiliate earnings

You can see that the product sold was Arpera Men’s Wallet (Brown). But in my post, I didn’t write anything about this product. Though it was something about another wallet brand or design, But I made a sale.

Amazon pays you for every sale. It doesn’t matter which product you promoted through your affiliate links, anything got sold through your affiliate link you will earn a commission. That means you placed a banner of T-shirt and the visitor ends up buying a shoe from the amazon store. You will be paid!

How long an amazon affiliate cookie last?

Amazon affiliate 24-hour cookie

this 24-hour cookie means is you will get credit for that sale if the customer ends up making that purchase within the next 24 hours after clicking on your link. Now the beauty about this cookie is that you will not only get credit if the user decides to purchase the item you were promoting within the next 24 hours but you will also get credit for any other product they decide to buy within that time frame.

Amazon affiliate 90 days cookie

If the user gets to Amazon through an affiliate link of yours, they automatically get the 24-hour cookie valid towards any purchase made within the next 24-hours as we’ve seen before. Now if in addition to that they decide to place the product in their shopping cart then they’ll get an additional 90-day cookie that’s valid only towards that particular item.


Amazon affiliate is an easy and fast way to make some real cash. If you believe its potentiality, you can really make a lot of money. I was also like one of you, didn’t believe that I can make money from amazon. I was wrong and I am taking it seriously. What about You?

Do you use amazon affiliate? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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