For beginners which is better, BlogSpot or WordPress?

For beginners which is better, Blogspot or WordPress? This question on your mind is common like all other newbies. The clearcut suggestion from me starts with Blogspot and move to WordPress. Blogspot is definitely a good place for blogging as it is the product of the search giant Google. Google takes care of everything once you create an account on Blogspot. While it is not the case in self Hosted WordPress site. But, you get the freedom to do any modification on a WordPress site.

Hello: Here I am talking about self-hosted WP that is WordPress.Org and not WordPress.Com which is totally different. 

BlogSpot or WordPress

Taking many things into consideration I have listed in Table form with Pros and cons so that it will be easy for you to consider which one will be good for you.


Pros Cons
 It’s free  Less functionality
No downtime, Google takes care of everything if the visitor increases.  Can’t access root files
 Safe  SEO is difficult
 No need to buy a domain

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Pros Cons
Flexible, You are the master of your site. You can do anything You need to purchase hosting account
Easy to create a site, plugins make all tasks easy Maintenace is hard
Customizable Themes Not safe, specially if you use all free stuff
Easy to migrate from one server to another
 You should have a domain purchased


The list is just a few of them. The advantage of self-hosted WordPress over BlogSpot is much more. Hope after reading this post will not it ”For beginners which is better, BlogSpot or WordPress?”

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