10 Killer ways to get free Instagram followers

How to get free Instagram followers? You may be searching this answer and landed on here. Before I begin I want clear that This post is not about gaining thousands of IG followers overnight. But, this simple post will help you to increase your followers from 100 to 5000 within weeks.

Instagram is not like other social networking sites, here in IG Pictures and videos are more important than a text message. One thing I want to clear you that every social networking site is not for you. Different social networking site is for different influencers. If you are a fashion or food blogger, Instagram is best for you. If you want to build a community around you Twitter will be the best. For people like who have a parlor, restaurant or a gym and want to spread all over the nearby area facebook is best. Facebook is now even best than google reaching to the right customer. But the main challenge is that you need to have a pocket full of money to reach on Facebook.

Recently, many of my friends who have Facebook pages with millions of likes complaining about post reach. They have a million likes but, it hardly reaches to ten thousand when a new post is published. Here I have 10 tricks to gain Instagram followers for free.

free Instagram followers

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Free Instagram followers

#1 Follow unfollow technique

some things that follow unfollow technique doesn’t work anymore, But they are wrong. I have personally tried and built two IG accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

#2 Asking for mutual helping

You can ask for mutual following in facebook groups. This is how I do. I join FB groups like Share your blog post, Travel Bloggers, Blogging NetworkBloggers Funda and I post a link to my IG account on these group asking for mutual follow. And trust me it works. No one is giving anything extra, You follow him or her and in return, you get a follow back.

#3 YouTube shoutout

If you have a YouTube account. Then it is cool, If not then too it is cool to ask your friend for collaboration on a video on his channel. This way both of you get exposures and exchange your followers. Tell him to give a shoutout at the end of the video to follow you on IG.

#4 Blog forums

Do join blog forums which are related to fashion, food and travel. IG is not for tech bloggers. It may work, But not as much as a fitness or beauty expert will do. Join a forum and remain active for at least one week, comment and like other’s posts. In most of the forum, when you comment on posts your social media profile will be visible to other forum members and that’s how you get a chance to your IG profile.

#5 Post regularly and frequently

This is the most important step you need to do on any social networking site whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Posting daily on regular basis creates an impact on your IG account. It gets more exposure any and more people see your profile and more people follow you.

#6 Use hashtags 

This rule again applies to any social media. Use appropriate hashtag to reach more targeted audience.

#7 Show off 

Instagram is for those who want to show off. Show off anyway by creating contents on funny or cute things which get immediate attention.

#8 Analyse your IG account

Many loss potential followers due to generality and lack of uniqueness. Stand out from others who are your competitors. Create more content short videos if pictures are not working for you.

#9 Connecting your all social accounts

 Connect your all social accounts links in profiles or in about section.  This can be done easily on FB and Twitter and YouTube.

#10 Giveaway

If you have a blog, conduct a giveaway for your visitors. Tell them to follow you and share your giveaway post to others. The winners will be selected randomly from the list of followers. This is not totally free btw. But, giving away your old reviewed product to your followers is not a costly at all.

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 Hope these 10 tricks help you to get free Instagram followers. Keep in mind as you are starting with nothing patience is a big factor. I guaranty within two or three weeks your IG followers will jump from 100 to 5000 followers. Don’t just keep thinking about it, start doing now!

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