10 Free recharge apps to install

Are you out of your mobile balance? If you want free recharge without spending a penny, you may try these apps.

They are really superb in giving free talk time or data. But you need an internet connection get free recharge.

Note: just by installing these apps you do not get free recharge. You have to perform some tasks.

#1 Free Mobile Recharge


free mobile recharge


This app has more than 5 million installs and 4.1 rating in google play.

They also provide coupon codes to shop online.


#2 Ladoo


ladoo free mobile recharge app

This app has more than 5 million installs and a rating of 4.3 in google play.



#3 Task Bucks



task bucks-free recharge app

Get Wallet Cash & Recharge

This free recharge app is having more than 10 million installs and 4.4 rating.



#4 mCent



Discover cool apps and earn free airtime rewards for your mobile

This app has more than 10 million installs and 4.1 rating in google play.



#5 Free Rs.200 Mobile Recharge


free Rs.200 mobile recharge

This app as more than one million installs and rating 4.6 in google play.



#6  Earn Talktime


earn talktime

Developed by RationalHeads Technologies having more than 10 million installs for this free recharge app


#7 QuickCash


quick cash

one million installs with 4.2 rating


#8 Cash App


cash app-free mobile recharge app

Make money with Cash App the best app for making money!

One million installs and 4.5 rating


#9 Free Recharge


Free mobile recharge idea


free mobile recharge idea

This app has 4.2 rating and 500 thousand installs in the app store.


#10 Free Talktime-free recharge


free recharge app


This free recharge app has more than 500 thousand installs and 4.4 rating


You may be wondering—

Do these apps really pay?

Yes, I personally used each of these apps and got paid. But, sometimes they set conditions like to keep installing an app for a week to earn. if you do not follow their terms and conditions, you may not get paid.

How these apps give you free recharge?

Well, there is definitely a profit they earn while giving you free recharge.

You might have seen that most of the apps ask you to do some tasks(install an app, watch a video, do survey etc). From that advertisement and data collected from you, they earn a good sunk of money.

note: apps are not listed rank wise.

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