Everything You Need to Know about Nathan Lucas (aka Freedom Influencer)

This guy is an online guru, influencer, financial helper, kickass marketer. If you have been watching Youtube videos online money making tips, you probably have bumped into his channel called freedom influencer.

I have been following him for a year now and he is really a pro in marketing and make money online tips. His channel freedom influencer has gained more than 300k subscribers as of April 2019.

Nathan Lucas Net Worth

Nathan Lucus makes a lot of money from his YouTube channel. He makes his most of money from affiliate marketing and youtube revenue.


Nathan Lucas Monthly Earing from YouTube

We can estimate his monthly earnings to be between $30000 to $50000 combined from affiliate commissions and Youtube ad revenue.

It is not wise to estimate his YoTube revenue form Socialblade as his YouTube channel niche is different from others. His channel is on financial freedom, online money making tips which have the highest  RPM. He is definitely earning a high income from YouTube.


Nathan Lucas Yearly Earnings from YouTube

Freedom Influencer aka Nathan Lucas yearly income is estimated to be 300k to half a million.


Nathan Lucas Cars

He currently owns one Lexus and one premium truck.  You can know more about his cars and house in the below video.


Nathan Lucas Wife

He is married and to know more about his wife visit his Instagram account here.


Nathan Lucas vs Other YouTube Marketer

I prefer Nathan more than other Marketer or online guru. Nathan makes it easy by his motivational videos. Hustling becomes easy watching his videos.

More importantly, he shares his step by step methods to earn money online in most of his videos.


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