A guide to VPS Hosting

Smartphones were introduced in the early 2000s which brought a time where all our data usage scaled up. As monthly phone bills were rising, people opted for shared data plans that let them use the same services at a moderate cost. Shared and VPS Hosting are relatable to this example. All resources are shared among the users and only the allotted amount of resources in the plan can be utilized – that’s Shared Hosting. VPS hosting is closer to an individual hosting package. With VPS you can customize your package as per your requirements. It allows more bandwidth and full control on setting up your plan primarily because of root access that VPS offers. Other than this VPS Hosting is a lot different than Shared Hosting


Understanding VPS

VPS i.e. virtual private server is a server that is physically housed at the preferred location of your hosting provider. It has its own operating system with bandwidth and space. To understand this better, VPS is more like a dedicated server without the cost of having a dedicated server. And one which has the feature to be customized as per your requirements. There is an obvious fact that other websites are hosted on the same server system, while your website will be hosting on an independent virtual server allowing you to enjoy your customizable resources. It allows you full root access almost same as a heavy priced Dedicated server.


How to choose the best VPS hosting for your website?

1.Windows or Linux

It’s right to check which is the most effective environment to run VPS hosting. Linux is a different experience and advanced experience than Windows. Regardless of your needs and comfort levels, if your site is running on ASP or ASP.net, you should opt for a Windows.

2. Unique Features-

Similar to other hosting services, VPS hosting holds many features that are unique. Some of them are CPU power, Guaranteed Server Resources, Operating Systems of various types.

– CPU (Central Processing Unit) power is an essential feature to look for in your VPS plan. The CPU power must be strong enough to perform computations related tasks at fast speeds.

– A primary must-have feature of a VPS hosting is that they must have an allocated server with necessary resources. This type of hosting is a fit for those looking for robust service for a reasonable price. With a Virtual Private Server, you get the complete liberty to choose enough amount of space/bandwidth, monthly data transfers, with default memory backups.

3. Cost of hosting

One needs to judge the fine line between the pricing and quality of hosting. It is not smart to only settle for the cheapest hosting option by putting quality at stake. It is highly recommended you analyze your needs on the basis of various parameters we talked about. The reputation and technical support of your host are the most important.



These attributes are highly related to quality, flexibility, and resource availability that your web hosting provider serves you. VPS hosting guarantees utmost security with great uptime and quality technical features like bandwidth and scalability. If you have made VPS Hosting a choice for your organization, this is a right choice as it will leverage your organization with its unique features. It is only wise to choose the best VPS Hosting that resonates with your company requirements and expectations.


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