How to create a BlogSpot blog?

     Creating  a blogger blog is easy and free. Only the thing you have to do is just type the address in your browser. Do remember that if you don’t have a gmail account open one first. Then log in using your gmail account. Now a days  there are many blogging plateforms like blogspot.

How to start with a blogspot blog?

when you sigh up for blogspot blog you should have a google gmail account.After that just go  and create a blog.

title:-name of your blog
title:-name of your blog

What to add in gadgets?

Gadgets are those codes you can add to blogspot blog without any knowledge of coding. These gadgets help in many way for the proper function of the blog. Widgets and gadgets are same,the difference is only because of different platform.


How to upload a new template?

You can upload a template of your choice to your blog. To do that you have to template section.


Choose your template and click create blog. Later on you can change your template any time. There are many free templates in the internet which you can  upload to your blog . First download the zip file and unzip it, you will get one .css file which you have to upload .If you are thinking of giving a custom domain to your blospot blog, you can do that as well.

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