How drones can help you?

fly drones
a drone used for filming
(Last Updated On: January 23, 2019)

Well if you haven’t seen a science fiction it may be heard to understand them. But if you relate them to nature , they are flying dragon flies who are big in size and do different tasks. Drones have been using for delivery of parcels, for filming and most recent popular use is use of drones in war against terrorist in Afghanistan.

Do you know how drones fly ?

There are many different types of drones present and are being developed.

a drone used for filming
a drone used for filming

In common when we talk of drones , they are quad-copters and octa-copters . They have been even used for delivery purpose by amazon. A drone can fly up  very high and far distance as long the radio wave signals able to catch it. Having electric motors makes it small in size and very powerful.

How you can use drone for your youtube vlog ?

you can use drones for  youtube vlog . As these drones are easy use and carry . Using drones you can get some great clips , above mountains ,taking a street shot in busy traffic, across the river . Popular youtuber like casey neistat uses drones for  his million subscribers.

How you can use drones for agriculture?

If you have a big farm or big field , but you are tired and don’t to move. You have no wings but, you have drone and send them to search for any one transparency.

One day will come when drones will be flying in our surrounding like birds. They will keep us updated with weather news , security and will deliver the pizza  at your door step with just one whats app message !

How drones can help in security?


As the number of crimes increasing, it’s important to secure our homes. Already many uses CCTV camera in homes and shops. But do you know even drones can help you for security.


Drones used in Afganistan
Drones used in Afganistan


Drones though made for the benefit of human kind .But there is always a bed side of everthing. As the technology is developing one they will come when terror may hover if you see a drone who knows you  may be the target of someone.

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