How google can help you to track your lost phone?

Do you know that you can track your lost phone using google android device manager?


It is very painful when you lose your phone. But , it becomes more painful when you can’t locate your phone.Questions generally like  who is using my phone? whether someone has opened my personal accounts? Whether someone has accessed my personal photos? hover in our mind. It’s  really tragic to lose your phone. So, this guide is not for those who already lost your phone . It’s for users who wants to secure his/her personal and important  information of account.Generally,  We do not realize until we loss our phone and starts regretting for not using such free tools.

This simple article will lead  you to trace your lost android phone if you lose your phone. Before you can locate your lost phone you have to-

  1. install android device manager from google play.
  2. Always keep  GPS on in  your phone (no need to worry unless you are a big celebrity in your area or police official or has too many enemies or terrorists are after you).
  3. open the app and configure it.

two step verification:


i always want to suggest my readers to enable two step can log in to your google account with two step verification makes your account more secure. A code is generated which confirms your identity. You can either choose a phone verification which  sends a code to your phone number or a google generated code. Now apps like clef helps a great way to secure passwords.

locate your phone:

sometimes it happens that you left your phone somewhere unknowingly . But when you came back home, you didn’t find your phone and start searching your phone. When you didn’t  get it feels very frustrating. Android device manager can help in that respect which can be accessed  by Sign in


You can lock ,erase your data using android device manager.
You can lock ,erase your data using android device manage
ring up your lost phone remotely


google will remotely control your phone and makes a ring with full sound for one minute. This will make your phone accessible to someone present nearby requesting  with a message to return your phone.

send a message to the lost phone founder  remotely

you can send a  message to the person whoever found your phone. There is a option which allows you  to send a message on your phone’s home screen remotely.

you can lock your lost phone remotely

lock your phone remotely using android device manager. Or change your current password.

Android device manager located my phone upto 13 meter accuracy
Android device manager located my phone up to 13 meter accuracy

there are many ways to know your phone location using facebook log in information or gmail log in information from your phone .But to get these detail the person who found your phone has to log in in your account. That means you haven’t log out from your accounts while you were using it. If you have already lost your phone before taking help of android device manager , you can try this search-

  1. go to
  2. from sign in & security –>Device activity & notifications
  3. or go to—>last login activity(at the bottom of the mail list in basic version-i use basic version for faster loading)
my recent gmail activity
my recent gmail activity

For your clarification  i want inform you that these log in informations are not as accurate as android device manager.

There is huge difference in the data provided here and actual location of access to the gmail account. I logged in gmail from my hometown sivasagar and the location  shows here is WB(west Bengal). A difference of more than 1000 KMs and a different state.

I think now ,you got it how to secure your account and keep your phone safe. Although these methods work as mentioned, but the chances of getting  your lost phone back totally depends on the founder. If he/she is kind enough to return your phone or he/she doesn’t have idea about these tricks.

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