How much does Mediavine Pay?

If you are a blogger, you might have faced this problem- Low earnings from your blog. It sucks! when RPM goes down to $2 to $3. Essentially it becomes important to look for a new advertising partner. As a blogger, I have faced it too. I run numerous blogs from Tech to food niche, though I personally don’t look after them. I faced low RPM with one of my Food blogs. I was running AdSense and Amazon Native Ads.

The earning from the ads were not sufficient to run the blog. Especially a food blog where spending much time on perfecting the art of food photography. The recipe posts creation and Pinterest sharing take a lot of time. You should get enough ROI to carry on your blogging journey.

AdSense pays well for certain niches. But, AdSense is all about CPC. You don’t have control over ads clicks on your blog. Adsense takes away all the control over ads on your blog. You can’t restrict Adsense to put only high-quality ads on your blog. Adsense most of the times do place cheap ads on your blog which decreases the blog revenue.

That’s why I was searching a better ad network to work with for my food blog. And I stumbled upon Mediavine ad network. After joining Mediavine I fell in love with the Mediavine ad network.  Why I love Mediavine is because

  1. Mediavine care for publishers. Mediavines takes responsibility to place only high paying ads on your blog. That is why they have strict rules for joining their programme.
  2. Mediavine customer support is very active to respond to your problem.
  3. No headache for ads placement
  4. Pays high as compared to other ad networks.

Mediavine Income Report

It is difficult to tell the exact number in dollars. But, You are not going to earn less then $100 if your blog has 25,000 sessions in a month provided your traffic is from countries like US, UK, Canada.

Here are some Mediavine Income Reports from Different Publishers.

Easy Baby Life February 2017 Report

Lifestyle for Real Life January 2018 Income Report

Heart My BackPack May 2016 Income Report

DIY Danielle January 2017 Report


Mediavine vs Adsense

Adsense is the biggest ad network on the planet. They get all the ads from the advertisers and small ad networks like Mediavine bids on those ads. It clearly shows how powerful is Google as an advertising network. But, when it .comes to customer care something big like Google, it becomes impossible to care for each and every publisher. They have millions of publishers if one the publisher gets disappeared from the million list it’s not going to affect them. This is not the case with a small ad network like Mediavine. Here is my unbiased comparison between Mediavine and AdSense.

Mediavine Adsense
 1.Better Paying  1.Less Paying as compared to Mediavine.
2.More Control over ads shown.  2.Less Control over ads shown.
3. No headache for ads placement. Mediavines takes all the care.  3.You have to place the ads.
4.Excellent Customer support.  4. Customer Support is slow.
5.Requires 25,000 Sessions visits in last 30 days 5. No such requirement.

Mediavine RPM

Mediavine RPM is more as compared to AdSense that I personally experienced. You can ask any publishers who are using Mediavine they will reply the same.

Mediavine bids on high paying ads to show on your blog. They buy ads from Google which makes sense that the gets most of the high paying ads on their network. Whereas Google keeps serving the low paying ads to Adsense publishers.😜

The average RPM of Mediavine is between $10 to $12.


Mediavine ad network is one of the best ad networks to join. But, the niches they accept are limited. Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment are few of them. For the complete list of accepted niches go to Mediavine website. Keep this in mind that if you are banned from google ad network, Mediavine is not going approve your application as of 2016.

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