How much money does a YouTuber with 30k subs make

    Yo! Here comes good news. I have researched a few Youtube channels with 30k subs and I will tell you how much they earn. Actually, they will tell you how much they make from their channels.

Channels I chose are from three different niches: Travel, Gaming, and Blogging make money online Channels. This post if just a rough estimation, things may change YouTuber to YouTuber.

We are always curious about how much a YouTuber earns from his channel. Previously I have published an in-depth article on How much a YouTuber with millions of subs earn.

Streams of  Money for a You YouTube Channel.

A YouTuber earns from google ads on his channel, affiliate links, selling merchandise, selling courses/digital products and Patreon donations and other streams.

Some even use their channel for advertising their services. In this way, YouTuber can earn a lot of money providing money. This can be huge, think about website building, SEO optimization, facebook ad planning, etc. One such gig can fetch $50 to $5000.

Ads earning from a channel depends on many factors like the niche of the channel, demographics of the viewers, season, etc.

Affiliate marketing is a big way to earn a lot without doing any hard work. Amazon affiliate is the most popular of all affiliate links. Amazon is trusted and convert well.

Selling merchandise can be hard for a small youtuber. Merchandise sells well with big followers. T-shirts, hoodies, caps are sold most.

Digital products too sell well for some niches. Mostly PDF, video series are sold by Youtubers.


How much money does a YouTuber with 30k subs make

30k subs are no greate number. But, crossing this milestone can be hard for many. It is rewarding too for many. According to Tubics, there are more than 80k channels with more than 100k subs and more than three million channels with 10k subs.

So, You can estimate that crossing 30k indeed an achievement. But, parallelly it may not make you a rich. Here go the channels I have a look into their stats.


Traveling Channel

Traveling channel TIM and FIN shares their annual YouTube income with their subscribers. They are a couple who sold their everything went on vacation for a year. They have started their channel five years back. According to them, many think after crossing 30k to 50k subs it becomes easy to make money. Brands and Companies pay a lot which is a misconception among many.

They share that they made more than $3000 in the past 365 days which is not great even if you live in cheap countries like Bangladesh. They are now traveling because of their other side works.



Gaming Channel

A gaming channel is a channel which focuses on Gaming, live streams. Gaming channel earns more compared to other channels because of its popularity among young viewers.

Ok, now coming to the point. The channel below is run by a guy called Kevin. In this video, he says he earns just more than $700 in the last 365 days. He has also shown the proofs. But, I am dissatisfied with his earnings. He should have at least made more than $1000. Maybe He was not uploading frequently.

Now leave about him. From my experience and knowledge, I can say that one gaming youtuber with 30k subs can earn $1000 to $5000 just from AdSense.



Blogging Make Money Channel

I have been following this channel for a long time. This guy is good at what he does. His channel teaches about blogging, making a living from blogging. He also talks about SEO, copywriting, Facebook ads, etc. The benefit of having a Make Money Channel is here ads run are high CPC ads.

This Blogging and make money online channel earns a huge. Even I have been planning to start a new channel after seeing such huge success with others.

He shows that he has made more than $2000 last month. If we multiply that by 12 months it will be more than $24000. This is equal to the salary of some professions.


Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on channels with 30k subs. How much money they make vary. But, having a youtube channel with 30k subs is an achievement.

I have just enquired three niches. There are endless niches and money they make vary as well. When you create a  channel think of building a brand than just a youtube channel.

If you build a brand, you will open up endless ways to monetize your channel.

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