How much Money is 1000 views on YouTube?

How much Money is 1000 views on YouTube

Are you planning to start a YouTube channel? You might have seen many videos where YouTubers talk of making millions from YouTube. So, you have decided to start your own channel.

And, You may be wondering how much you can earn from 1000 views. That’s, ok curious mind.

I am here to tell you the truth of YouTube money.

How much Money is 1000 views on YouTube

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It depends on following factors—

#1 Type of video

Type of your video content. Examples— Beauty, makeup, Unboxing, Vlog, Cat and Dog videos, gaming, tech videos.

Gaming, Technology related videos may seem to be expensive as ads played on such channels are expensive.

#2 Viewer’s Location

The viewers of the video are the most important. If your viewers are from tier one country like USA, UK, Australia, then no need to worry. If your viewers are from other countries like India(my country), Pakistan, Bangladesh. That’s a bad sign.

It is because in countries like the USA where the purchasing power of citizen is more so ads are expensive.

#3 Ad fill rate

Let’s say all is set. Your content is Gaming related, viewers are from tier one country. But still, your earning is less.


It may be due to ad fill rate that means people are watching your videos but no ads are showing in your videos.

This is the reason why earing booms during Christmas season when ad fill rate is high.

#4 Number of clicks

All is set. Ad fill rate is high. Gaming content. Viewers are from NewYork. Still, earning sucks.

It seems an 18-year-old living in NewYork is not interested in ads showing about Forex Trading.

That means ads and content are far apart.

#5 Subscriber base

Subscribers are the main fans of a channel. They are the real viewers who love your content. They are ready to follow your thoughts and life.

That’s is why they come again and again to watch your contents.

Advertisers like to bid on big channels who have more viewer base. Advertisers also ready to pay more for such big channels. At first, you should concentrate more on increasing more your actual fans rather than just beating around the bush.

Let’s see what  YouTubers say about ”How much Money is 1000 views on YouTube”

Here is a channel called Justin Bryant according to him. It is the keywords which play important role in ”How much Money is 1000 views on YouTube”.

Next time, before making a video. Don’t forget to look for a high CPC keyword in Google Keyword Planner.

Here is another channel called Youtube shortcuts. Let’s see what his views.


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Final Thoughts on ”How much Money is 1000 views on YouTube”

After going through many videos and blogs, I came to a conclusion that the earning is not same for all for per 1000 views.

A young YouTuber from India who makes videos in Hindi unboxes new smartphones makes roughly $0.50 for per 1000 views whereas MKBHD makes $5 for his unboxing videos. The range is $0.50 to $5 and the average is $2 for per 1000 views.



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