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   Do you know about Yoast SEO WordPress plugin?. If you are a WordPress user and not using Yoast SEO plugin, you are missing a lot. But, this post is not about Yoast SEO plugin, instead this post is about an SEO analysis platform which is linked with the updated version of Yoast SEO plugin. At first, I was not responding to the notification on my dashboard as it was nothing interesting for a beginner like me. One day I happen to click it for some unknown reason and surprised me with its potential. is full of features and step by step guide to moving your blogging career to next level. If you are a new blogger there are many things other than writing contents. provides services based on your performance (if you are a newbie, beginner, professional and expert according to which different levels of development tasks are provided. For a beginner, it may be difficult to add google analytics to his/her blog which is also simplified for newbies and beginners.

For example, if you are a beginner you may not know how to add google analytics to your blog.

How to start with OnPage:

The main feature I liked about OnPage is its design of different level of support for a newbie, beginners, advanced, professional and SEO experts. I would suggest to sign up for the beginner if you are new to SEO. It really helps in indexing of your website up to a great level.


These are the modules which onpage provides
These are the modules which provides


Onpage allows you to use




4.Content optimization free of cost.

For keywords and monitoring, you have to upgrade to pro package or otherwise sign up for a free account.

Never mind even navigation, zoom, focus and content optimization help a lot for SEO.

If you are using Yoast SEO have you set the SEO for the pages. All pages and posts in edit mode have a gear button which is the setting for Advanced SEO. But, makes it easy with the step by step guide.

if you haven’t modified yet, do the following steps–>

  • FOLLOW_ – all links on this page will be followed.
  • INDEX – this page should be indexed.
  • NOFOLLOW – all links on this page should NOT be followed.
  • NOINDEX – this page should NOT be indexed.

If the robots tag is not used, search engines assume that the pages should be indexed and all links followed, i.e..index, follow If you want the content of your page to be included in the search engine index, add the following command in the robots tag:

<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”>

Details of the meta robot are only visible in the source code and are not displayed on the web page.

Note: Using the command ” nofollow” does not guarantee that the content of a web page will not end up in the search engine index.

onpage navigator
clicking on ”show me” and  how to do will take you to easy step by step guide


As you can see daily tasks are provided so that you can progress day by day.  This gamified design is appreciable as you long for more and depth into it.

sitemap creation and submission

Breadcrumb navigation of the website

Google analytics integration

meta snippet SEO

Full of tasks which not only improves your site visibility as well as you get great pieces of SEO knowledge.

This is zoom module where you test crawled report
This is zoom module where you test crawled pages report


It shows clearly the number of broken links and errors which you must solve. An overall percentwise data which is hard to know from other sources. You can crawl your website using tool and it shows data of the website.


Benefits of signing up for OnPage:

If you look for all the benefits there are eminence benefits for you. If you are new to blogging it is really difficult to know what to do for my website indexing, how can I get more traffic? It becomes time-consuming for you to search google about tricks and techniques of SEO. But, is the one-stop destination for solving your all problems. The most interesting thing I liked is that they guide you to do by urself that’s how we learn something. You might think of giving all these technicals stuffs to someone so that you can concentrate more on content. But you are wrong, even while writing contents you have to know how to make your content search engine optimized.

Following is a screenshot showing SEO knowledge. gives you SEO knowledge too! gives you SEO knowledge too!

If you are a WordPress blogger check corner left side of the dashboard you will find the option for (considering you have installed Yoast SEO)

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