How to get followers on Instagram fast [Latest Tricks]

Do you want to increase the number of your Insta followers?

On the internet there are thousands of tricks to get followers and no doubt they do work. But all of them takes time. Today I will share with you very easy and effective way to increase Instagram followers for free. 

All you need is a few hours in a day or if you do not want to invest time, you will have to invest a few bucks from the pocket. And boom, your Insta account will have a lot of followers. 


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Get followers on Instagram fast


1. Use Mobile Apps 

That follow unfollow technique still works and only you need is an app accelerate the process of follow-unfollow. Influencers using these social media follower boosting apps have now thousands and millions of followers.


2. Copy the latest celebrity account

Though this looks dumb and fishy. It’s true that you can gain lots of followers by posting celebrity photos in your account. All you need to do is create a fake account and change the name when it reaches substantial followers. 


3. Exchange followers 

One more way is exchanging followers with friends, other Instagrammers. keep in mind that your contents match with the other account that you are promoting and similarly the other accounts will look for the same. 


4. Creating Instagram Groups 

Instagram has a new feature where you can members to niche groups. Create groups around your account niche. DM them for follow. Create as many groups as you can and repeat the same. But, do not message everyone as this may ban your account. First, have a conversation and then ask for following back.


5. Buy Followers

You can also increase the follower number just by buying. Some apps and websites provide monthly, yearly or package with a number of followers. You can try any of them. They do work but most of them are not real human followers. 


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Final Thoughts 

These tricks are tried and tested and they work undoubtedly. All you need is patience. No app, a website can bring you millions of followers overnight. It will take at least two to five months to have a good number of followers. 

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