How to install a free Cloudflare SSL Certificate on GoDaddy

Step by Step guide Using Godaddy Cpanel

Here I come with the easiest way to install an SSL certificate on Godaddy hosted website. Though I will show you installation of a free Cloudflare SSL Certificate. But, the process is same for any premium SSL certificate provider.

This tutorial is for anyone who wants to install an SSL certificate using Cpanel. It doesn’t matter which hosting you are using the process is same for cpanel user.

The very first thing we have to do is to create a free account on Cloudflare.

Step 1: Adding a website to Cloudflare

By clicking on add a website you can add a website, for example, Do not add HTTP or www.


Step 2: Changing the current Nameservers

If your current host is GoDaddy, the nameservers may look something like the numerical prefix may different 10,11,12,13,14…..)

Now, change that NS to the below Cloudflare nameserver.

cloudflare ssl certificate nameservers


Step 3: Creating an SSL certificate in Cloudflare account.

Go to the crypto part of the account and scroll down till you get the create certificate section. Hit the create certificate button and one new window will pop up. Choose Let Cloudflare generate a private key and a CSR and keep the private key RSA type.

After, you create the Private Key and the certificate, do not close the window as this information we will require to copy and paste on Cpanel.

create a cloudflare ssl certificate

After you generate the private key and certificate, you need to upload it to the server using Cpanel. In this case, I am using GoDaddy. But, it can be any hosting with Cpanel.


Step 4: Uploading the Private Key and Certificate(CTR) on server

Now we have to upload the Private Key. Go to the SSL section of the Cpanel. Probably under security part of the Cpanel. Now click on Generate, View, Upload, Delete Private Keys.

uploading private key and certificate

Copy and paste the Private Key that you created on Cloudflare.

Similarly, do the same for Certificate(CRT). Copy and paste the whole certificate code and save it.


Step 5: Installing the SSL Certificate for the desired domain.

This is very easy, only one click away from installing SSL certificate on GoDaddy server. Click on Manage SSL Sites. After you, lick that, choose the desired site where you want to install SSL certificate and click Autofill by domain.

By clicking Autofill by domain, automatically the Private Key and the SSL certificate section will be pulled from the previous uploads. Keep the CABUNDLE empty.


Final Step: Turn the SSL on Cloudflare

Go to the Crypto section of the website. Under SSL, you have options like Flexible, Full, Full(Strict).

I would suggest you keep it Flexible as flexible the name suggests flexibility of the SSL certificate according to different Brewers.


Using an SSL certificate is good for your blog/website for SEO point of view. Let leave about SEO. Can you tell me if you want to buy a t-shirt which website you will trust a website without SSL or a website with SSL? Offcouse you will go to the website with SSL. So, let me here sum up the advantages of SSL over a non-SSL website.

SSL builds trust.

SSL helps in SEO.


Cloudfalre Free SSL Certificate




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  • Sometimes cloudflare takes time to respond.

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